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Looney Goons

May 07 2011 | BPM: 88 | Producer: hala-X
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37 Feedback

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Silly cartoonish beat with a bit of creepy vibe over underground drums.

Genres: Underground

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37 Feedback to “Looney Goons”

  1. Ку! Я здесь новенький, не могу найти правила, дайте ссылку plz

  2. it almost sounds sounds like theres a sample from the soundtrack to final fantasy 9 :D


    its my track on this beat :D

  4. Check out my lil verse to this dope track —>

  5. Check out what I did on this beat! The song is called “Kool AIDS”

    @spectral, your dope we need to collab

  6. Polewkowe… genialne ! :D Keep goin

  7. przejebanie zajebisty bit!!!

  8. good shit mos definitely

  9. WTF is going on, I can’t download this beat and the others from this site, what’s going on?

  10. Man this is just ridiculous! Super ill man

  11. Bit wypierdala z butow!

  12. Jeden z lepszych bitów na Shadowville. Do niedawna nie wiedziałem, że jesteś z Polski ;) Propsy!

    mam problem z tym bitem xD czy on jest zapętlony ? chcetnie do niego cos nagram.

    @slu090911, Nie wydaje mi się, żeby był zapętlony. Ale o szczegóły to byś musiał dopytać się Hala-X ;)

  13. this beat is illll

  14. very good man

  15. Just checked this out, I’ma spit to this

  16. Lucky charms are magically delicious jus like dis beat, i wanna eat it up and who is chance

  17. hey thats nice and want yall to check this out lol

  18. Hala-x has to be the best producer on shadowville every beat he makes get at least 15 reviews within a couple of days. his beats dont have voice signitures on them and his beats are just hardcore underground easy to rap to pieces of beauty!

    Glad to be of service ;)

  19. Big Ups!!! You killed it on this one Hala

  20. Oww… shit… thats totally fucked up :D Okey dokey, olla!


  22. :O sounds r like from tom&jerry ;d well done!!! 5/5

  23. yeah this is def. from a couple years ago….here’s Chance’s verses:

  24. damn i want some similar ones lik this

  25. lol ! AMAZING !

  26. WHOA. Isn’t this an older beat? I swear I heard that moafucka Chance on it once.

    It’s an updated version of the beat Chance used a while ago.

    @hala-X, ahh, i see, i knew i remembered it. always loved this beat, one beat i could rock without hearin nobody on it. Your drops are few and far in between the rest, but when you drop somethin its still fire. 5/5

    its sounds like that beat nothing but bad

    @bucklin666, no dice dude. I ripped nuthin but bad, this beat is way diff

  27. So Fucking Dope 5/5

  28. This is tripping me out. And where the hell did you get that “okie dokie roll” intro from? In fact it also sounds like something from a Sushi restaurant: Oki Doki Roll. Lol.

    Haha yeah.. Okay Dokey… I think its Chico of the Marx brothers.

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