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Beneath Winter's Snow

May 12 2011 | BPM: 90 | Producer: Allrounda
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50 Feedback

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Chopped piano and harp theme and emotional strings over orchestral percussion and busy hip hop drums.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring, Sad

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50 Feedback to “Beneath Winter's Snow”

  1. Wow Man please, send me this beat, only for my pc and my phones! Ideal for accelerating flow - my favoritestyle, grat job

  2. Porque ya no se puede descargar?? :/

  3. Ja mogę zarapować, mam już głos po mutacji jeśli to nie problem

  4. I need some kid wich can speak polish and sing for me 4 lines / Szukam polaka z dziecinym glosem lub polke (ktora napewno ma jakis slodki glos ) do zaspiewania referenu do tego bitu

  5. its unavailabe :C

  6. sds

  7. good shitt ! look at my youtube channel !

  8. man…you are giving me inspiration out the yin yang!!

  9. Grat beat. 5/5
    Allrounda, witch synthisizer do u have?

  10. what song does this sample??

  11. really nice. keep usin those marchin type drums. brilliant how you can put them together with the piano and make it work too

  12. One of the better beats I’ve heard awhile in general, and one of the best ones you’ve done in particular. And to be honest I don’t like a lot of your beats, but I can hear a story in this one. It’s original sounding, mixing elements from a few different sub-genres of hip hop. Even the title moves me.


  14. iloveit! yourr beats are so made that it sounds live ones again ILOVEIT

  15. Mama luister
    Ik weet wel wat ik doe
    Maar bij jou is alles wat ik doe foute boel en niet goed
    Maar bekijk het is vanaf mij
    Denk je dat ik gelukkig leef
    Alleen van buiten lijk ik blij
    Ik ga stuk van binnen
    Ga niet op nieuw beginne
    Maar ben tezwak om
    Door te klimme
    Naar de top van de berg
    Het leven gaat te ver
    Voor mij is dit te erg
    Omdat dit vordering vergt

  16. Check It And Share
    Much Appreciated

  17. nyc 1 there

  18. The best beat i’ve never heard in my entire life! Wow very cool

  19. hottest shit made man!!!!!!111111111111111


  21. man i get better beat thne this it blow your mind

  22. Dope!

  23. i love it :)


  24. it roch mn ima fo it remix on it

  25. good

  26. Sick Beat.
    I like the snare roll in the background.
    Drums are real busy,
    not normally a preference of mine.
    Still dope though. I Fucks wit It. ~1

  27. I can’t remember what this sample is from, its killing me. Its a dope beat though. I know I have this sample in my old computer’s archives.

  28. beutiful an enlighten’n 5/5

  29. sick

  30. amazing

  31. i love you

  32. damn. Allrounda always brings heat. Well ALMOST always haha. but this tracks ill. Crash is way too loud though. It is irritating since it hits soo much. needs to turn that down but thats like the only flaw in this. big nuisance but beats def ill

    @Equipped, hi sup

  33. NO COMMENT .. except .. 5/5

  34. ahahah, this the shiiit! just gave me the shivers! first beat I’m actually gonna try and write a good verse to

  35. This is very sick!!! and @Kinball buy the beat an it wont have tags partna dont be like wayne an steal beats!!!

  36. Whole beat without tags, I made it as good as I possibly could.

    /kinball from Sweden

    @kinball, not working . file error. :C

    @kinball, WTF?

  37. thaaaaaats fuckin right rounda! awesome beat, just awesome 180000/5

  38. this is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job :D

  39. God damn this one was dope as hell, gotta start writing.

  40. Say Nizzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  41. Class bit and how I can fill in here the bit?

  42. The best beat i’ve ever heard on this website.

    10/10 - everything is perfect. Good job Allrounda!

  43. Absolutely stunning - 5/5.

  44. This is one of the most beautiful beats I’ve heard in a long time, absolutely love it, keep it up! :)

  45. Literally in awe.. I need to do something to this ASAP.

  46. I don’t know what else to say except… “Beautiful”!

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