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Out On The Streets

May 13 2011 | BPM: 89 | Producer: 2Deep
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42 Feedback

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Hyped up electric guitar melodies over grimey east coast underground drums.

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42 Feedback to “Out On The Streets”

  1. yo 2deep i got a really important question PLEASE WRITE BACK but where do you get those tags the dude on the tags sounds dope as hell i wanna get some for my beats if you could let me know i would really appreciate it

    check this out awesome beats kinda searching for like this its our mixtape

  3. just awesome

  4. hey sup give me your yahoo id

  5. I hate tags, but I’ll be damned if I don’t lmao every time i hear yours..

    “HA! Cuz it’s 2Deep for them bitches!”

  6. Who is on vocal?

  7. i like it,,,,

    check out my channel for music!

  9. Fuckin DOPE!



  11. yo you the real is it alright if i smash this beat n you let me know how it is
    lotts Lv

  12. LOL @ your new beat tag!

  13. You and Slantize have always been my favorites even before you joined up with Shadowville. I’ve used a lot of your beats for myspace and reverbnation and always give proper credit. I don’t get why kids can’t simply write three or four words in the song info and give you guys the repsect you deserve. “Produced by 2Deep” how hard is that people? Really just give these guys their proper dues.

  14. By now youre my favorite producer on shadowville, the beats you make are givin me that Real Life Feeling, and from all the producers on this site, you got the best QUALITY!!
    for my opinion, Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  15. Recognition is a must have when you make a badass beat, if you dont like the tag pay for it. Ive used and paid for some of these beats before, this is the only site i get beats from, and its good doin business with yall…thats all i have to say about that.

    DEADSIDE RECORDS from tacoma washington signing off.

  16. I never thought a Tag could Sound so Fuckin cool. 5/5

  17. doooohohohohopee! amazing work bro… but i partially agree with some comments here, not that you shouldnt put tags on your beats, FUCK, you definitely deserve to be recognized and should do that, but, can you make it more…. classy? like todd or allrounda, those guys have cool, recognizable but transparent tags….

  18. Hi, have you got an e-mail or something where I can contact you personally?

  19. I like everythang about this beat, tha guitar, tha drums, tha energy, this is raw. Ya tag is dope, they ain’t swimmin wit ya on this one. A solid 5/5 Great job!

  20. yo all i got to say is u make tight ass beats i have used 1 or 2 myself and have a song posted on youtube with it id apreciate it if u checked it out and see if we did ur beat justice man tbh its hard for me to find beats i like since most of the people i ryme with like downsouth or west coast and im straight east coast when it comes to beats so u def got my support man and ty for making something i can finaly open my mind up to

  21. gotta respect 2deep for saying it how it is. I personally seen dumbass kids jacking him for beats n posting them on youtube as his. 2Deep i was the dude who showed you that vid on Facebbok with that lame kid stealing your beats. And honestly this aint bad because he doesnt put the tag hella like every other bar . cool beat

  22. hey can you tell me whats the ..sample for the beat..i mean the voice singing at the begining ?

  23. Tag or not your beats are always sick.. i’m just very sad on the fact tags are needed cuz you really were the last person i expected to have the most annoying whack tag on a dope beat.. make it a classy fuckin tag not like everyone on soundclick has.. that voice sounds like a mix between krizz kaliko and ken kaniff hyped up too loud… disappointed for once cuz i dont have a lot of music recorded but i always put shout outs to the producers in my songs… a tag kinda defeats the purpose now.. shout outs to yourself.. can i ask you tho for real.. does it make you feel better? i always like gettin props where i don’t expect them… from other amazing artists… you have TONS of fans.. at least if you make a tag be right to the ones who have been loyal fans and dont make it so obnoxious…please.. thank you and hands down bro you are the person who in my opinion holds this website AND many others down by the creativity you have… no disrespect at all my friend but out of any producer you dont need tags… i know a 2deep beat when i hear it because of the QUALITY… hows that for some fuckin feed back lmao

    @ninjor360, Thanks for the kind words bro! And i appreciate any fans/supporters… But as a producer, its hard to get recognition if the person using the beat doesn’t have your name any where (let alone know where the beat is from!!)…. its not like a rapper where people know who it is because they know the voice.
    Dont get me wrong, im very thankful about how far ive come in this, and i love putting my beats as free downloads just for the fact that i can set myself in your position, since i started out rapping…
    Like i said though.. not all beats will be tagged! Only the ones i feel are needed.
    Thanks! And ill try my best to continue providing fire for you guys ;)
    - 2Deep

    @2Deep, First its dope you took the time to explain your tags from a real view.
    and how you view it and the real side of it. taking the time to explain
    to goldfish haters. who don’t have attention span or see big picture
    outside of their bowl. no tags = no income = no studio time= no studio
    equipment= less opportunities to progress. Everyone wants a hand out.
    and something as small as a tag is ridiculous to complain about and call someone
    a sell out. If people write fire on a beat that hard and its not going on
    youtube. buy that shit for your mixtape. if you want to make it at all
    in this business and thats what it is to be able to reach a bigger stage
    to achieve your overall goal of reaching as many with your creativity and craft
    its not selling out. you have to do some work. and not expect free stuff and all
    that. Sickest beats man. and even for a Tag that shit is hard. love your all your
    beats man. I would love to hear your raps. because your beats have that
    hostility place in it. that a lot of people are afraid to express. keep it up.

    @evanlopez87, if people are serious about putting out good music they will cop the lease so they wont have the tag. little Bit***s complain way too much about tags! they act like a lease is that expensive! if someones serious about music they will lease and or buy exclusive rights. so to everyone complaining! stop being soo damn cheap and cop a lease lol. it helps the producers get better stuff to progress and put out more of that quality music you all like

    @ninjor360, sorry excuse me! props need to go where they are deserved… i forgot Sinima in the whole “holds this website down”… i guess this just fueled my fire a bit… cuz where are the originals? i bet if you asked some of the new comers they wouldn’t even know who the first shadowville producers were… Slant where is he? Hala x kinda came up lately, Smoke is fuckin smoked somewhere lost in northern NY or somethin… nine is alright but he has a genre and he sticks to it. ADP he has always been smh but he has been here forever. shadowville was lucky to get allrounda beats.. cuz their beats are probably the next generation of shadowville… anyway i love and respect all the producers on this site but this site needs to remember its roots and the roots need to get a fucking move on!

    @ninjor360, I gotta say, your view on the original Shadowville producers are spot on. (and the one about smoke is funny shit)

  24. i haaaaaaaate tags, but this tag is HARD AS A MOTHA FUCKA. 2DEEP U A BEAST MANG!!!!!!!!

  25. Dope! I’d like that. But I’ve heard somewhere the guitar melody :)

  26. Thanks for the good feedback!!! :)
    Dont get me wrong guys… i personally HATE tags myself. But time and time again i come across a youtube tracks, etc, and people just dont give credit! yet alone remember where they got the beat from.
    I wont be tagging all of my beats, just the ones that i feel need it!
    Hope it dont piss too many people off, and as soon as people start giving credit (wrttin, or shout out) i wont be putting tags in anymore!
    Thanks guys!
    - 2Deep

    @2Deep, i use alot of your beats man…i think your beats are the best on here…….check a few of the songs out… or thx ..keep doin what u do!!!!

    @wycked truth,

    @2Deep, fuk that shit 2 deep keep your tags on dawg, its business if they want a tag free song they either need to lease it or buy it, its as simple as that man, fuk all the cry babys money is money

  27. Tha MAIN reason why i became such a fan of Shadowville is because no one had any tags untill now!

    2Deep was the last person i expected to use a tag!

    Hope Hala-X dont do the same shit!

    @bonester, fuk all the bull shit dawg, you gotta respect the tags, tags are a must, and untill this world is rid of its liars, which will never happen there should always be tags

  28. Am I the only one tat can hear the Primo in tis beat???
    This shit is sick.

    And I hate tagz but that tag is hard as fuck.
    Wouldnt bother me

    Good shit homie

    @kew c.r.e., co-sign this some Ill shittttttttttt

  29. themessage in my opnion i think all of the producers here should use tags on their beats.
    Dope ass beat 2Deep.

    @mixtapehomez, your a fag

    @themessage, keep being ruff over your pc kid.

  30. Last person I thought would use tags, but it’s all good. Sick beat! 5/5!

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