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Two Hearts

May 15 2011 | BPM: 58 | Producer: Adamack
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50 Feedback

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Beautiful beat with deep, memorable piano melodies, accompanying strings, smooth bassline, and an R&B vibe over slow drums.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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50 Feedback to “Two Hearts”

  1. lol awesome too bad i found this late

  2. Wrote to this song str8 up…plz send to my email when will this beat be available for purchase…


  4. that a amzing bro . Love it so much >

  5. This beat is amazing! Its so good that it reminds me of the bad times and the good times, perfect mastering! Perfect chorus!

  6. Please! Can you send me this beat? It’s Really amazing! I Love it!

  7. hey can you please send this beat to me plz i really need it its amazing. My email id:

  8. I would be very grateful if you send me this beat to my e-mail adress:

  9. i like brother plis send me beat to mail

  10. send me beat to mail pls :)

  11. adamck is the only prducer is listen to.. hes tooo awesome

  12. hmmmm…wow, really is a beautiful beat, i really love how it’s constructed…

  13. I really liked this beat.
    I would be very grateful if you send me this beat to my e-mail adress Thank you !!!

    Listen dutch rap on this beat…

    Im legit listen to meh!

  16. When will this be available again?!!!

  17. i like noo lockeed pliis

  18. I wanted to buy the license so when will it available again yeah o.O

  19. when will this be available again???? :(

  20. This beat is a great one. I just listen to it and gets some idé for a good lyrics and other stuff. :)

  21. Love it!

  22. yo bro did a cool nice song with thiz beat, i love your beatzs bro
    me and my bro kick some tamil(indian) rap
    please lkisten and catch me in
    and here is the song with your beat listen

  23. i love this .

  24. Always rocking that dope shit fam.

  25. Thank you — this is a beautiful song that I have written beautiful gospel lyrics too. God Bless you,

  26. Deep down, I KNOOOOOOOO I got a hit song I can write to this. No question. Jst gotta find the right time and words for it. Amazing beat bro!

  27. this is real good no doubt about it

  28. Hey, I want you to know this. It’s probably not something you would normally hear. But I find Christ in your music. The beauty, the power, the movement of emotion. The strength of what you create, it is truly a blessing to me. To have something to inspire, and listen to. Thank you so much.

    @david_abraham, so true. it brings emotions from deep inside

    @david_abraham, AMEN TO THAT BROTHER.

    I double that amen!

  29. I juss wrote my first song to this… wen i heard this beat lyrics just flowed….

  30. Witch program do u use?? It is very amazing!

  31. thats sumthing u get ur thug luv off of.wrd up.

    check out my channel for music!

  33. you could have used a faster beat to it, if only to make it a bit more hip hop, but overall its good shit keep it up

  34. Damn, it’s slow as hell:D
    Really good beat!
    Could you tell me, what program do you use?

  35. Yes yes this is it. <3

    sexi bazara net

  36. great i like it


  38. Good shit, *writes ballad*

  39. Best ballad ever on SVP. Adamack is a MACK.

  40. pretty

  41. Feelin this beat fam. Not as strong as it could be. The verse could be alot more powerful. The hook is wasted on this, i would suggest a revised verse. Still, this is crack. You gotta keep doing these sentimental bangers. Real beats. Big Up!

  42. AMAZING ! 5/5

  43. Big fan of Adamack but IMO this ain’t his best work, sounds like a weaker version of another beat of his (can’t remember which) but still sounds decent just because it’s Adamack lol. Enjoyable but not a standout. 3/5

  44. adamack.. how can i make u my producer?.. :P.. stop this shadowville shit..u gotta be up there man.. with the greats

  45. DAMN> now thats some deep piano stuff right here. REAL beautiful piano progression. not liking the drums too much but the piano is real nice! overall a really good beat! 4/5

  46. every time adamack, you touch me everytime with your songs dawg, keep it up, you are def one of the best,

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