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Take A Look At My Drop

Mar 02 2010 | BPM: 88 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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2 Feedback

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Commercial west coast track with a high melodic string progression, synths, and live electric guitar.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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2 Feedback to “Take A Look At My Drop”

  1. yo man its kronik, no ones given any feedback so im the first. sick beats man. ima give u a few verses… hit me back if you wanna hear more.

    (0:47) Yeah mother fucker west coast Oregon represent, im sick mother fuckers so stay in your tent, i aint paying rent for this shitty hotel this is probably the shit hole where humpdy dumpdy fell
    (0:57)i gotta stay fresh and clean, i mean it dont matter what i look like id still be gettin green (ahh) you aint seen what ive seen.. but if you did you’d probably be a fiend like me.(1:06)
    (1:07) steppin on the seen like an acta, star of the show im a facta, im so hard to comprehend abstracta. i see all you rappers covering your face in disgrace cause you couldnt compare, its like a solider against a legionnaire. i looked into your eyes and saw despair.


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