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Waist Deep

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 90 | Producer: hala-X
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29 Feedback

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Gangsta sounding west coast, synth heavy beat with a bit of piano over big reverb drums.

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29 Feedback to “Waist Deep”

  1. Ever since this dropped this has been one of my favorite pieces on Shadowville.
    Just listened to it again for the first time in like a year…ill

  2. <3 This And Im Only A 12 Year Old Girl Gonna Make Some Real Music Out Of This!!!!

  3. Snare is DOPE!

  4. Best beat I ever heard in my life….dope shit…

  5. Łoooorzesz ty !!! Rozjebałeś mi tatuaże tym bitem!!!

  6. İyi Bir BEat Bilen Sölesin Yaw :D

  7. Cool.

  8. Yo, check out one of my verses, comment and say what you think.

  9. Man, this is the shit.

    so, create better. I think its awesome beat.

    @yasu19956, think that’s what he ment..

  10. Yeah….I likes this. I like the new shit out now, but nothing beats that old school, grimery-type, ‘get busy on the mic’ joints….theBoom Bap type shit. A lil synth ain’t bad…lol. But still a dope Track.


    Tha GrammarGod

    @thagrammargod, Can’t bring the same shit all the time, I’d be bored myself.

  11. I did a little verse on this..snippet of it check it if your bored, beat owns!

  12. It’s repetetive, but when it bangs this hard you don’t mind… Forgot About D.R.E. and Still D.R.E. were also a bit repetetive with the beat. As long as there is a good rapper on this the song will be sick. Love the reverbed drums, totally different drums than everyone else on this site, and never the same either.

    check out my channel for music!

  14. THIS BEAT IS SICK!, Man. Great Fkin Job, Keep Up with the Good work Hala!

  15. Ohhh shitt - Fucking Fuck!

  16. BANGIN!!! like how it breaks down at 1:40 for awhile then comes back slammin!

  17. good work bro..5/5

  18. you should deffinetly make more west coast kinda beats this is so ill


  20. good shit hala. 5/5

  21. difffernt.

  22. its cool. its different.

    @Equipped, Mission acomplished then.

  23. Gotta go outside and shove someone again. Hala-x is the shit.

  24. sick as usual

  25. This is the type of funk that takes a few showers to wipe off. I’m usually not to big on hala-X but this track is bangin. It’s repetitive as hell but it don’t matter. When it jams, it jams. Great job hala-X. U killed this one.

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