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Playin With My Heart

May 21 2011 | BPM: 88 | Producer: 2Deep
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68 Feedback

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Vocal and guitar samples with amped up electric guitars over hard hitting gritty underground drums.

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68 Feedback to “Playin With My Heart”


  2. hello, im from spain and im going to record my songs, this beat really likes me and i wanna ask yo if i can use it to my work. peace.sorry for my english xDD


  4. hello. nice beat. what a sampel ? name ? please help me

  5. keep on working still a long i follow you-man..

  6. The Buzzooka Joe version… for the mixtape…
    “Playin With My Heart”

  7. My Version, enjoy this!!


    @khanquest, hey i was wondering if u can help me out. i really want to download this beat and lay my own vocals on it but i dont know how. can you tell me how you did it? my idea is to somhow bring the beat to a studio here in nyc and have the producers lay my vocals on it. im not useing it for profit just to show my friends. can you help me out, id really aprestate it..

  9. I think this is what says the hook:

    What can I say, now it’s over
    I tried everything to make you stay
    I knew from the start
    You were playing with my heart

    But I don’t recognize these verses from any song…

    @pkapa, Thanks bro! That was a really big help… A+++


    You’re welcome!
    But I’m not sure, this is what I think…

    *What can I say, now it’s over
    I tried everything to make you stay
    I knew from the start
    You were playing with my heart
    And now my life it is away


    What can I say, now it’s over
    I tried everything to make you stay
    I knew from the start
    you were playing with my heart
    And now my life’s in disarray

  10. I’m tired of good producers with shitty tags in their beats.

  11. was up

  12. Hey 2Deep, who sings this hook and what he says?
    Great beat! Peace.

  13. yooo!!! your taking forever to tell us who is on the hook and the words.

    come one already!!!

  14. Who is the artist on this hook and what do they say??

  15. My song on this beat. peace

    @kenrishu, cant understand a fuckin word

  16. Tell us whats that hook’s song

  17. What is the name of song on the hook… I rly think you should answer that question man.. Peace.

    @kitauledja, I agree…. He shoudl be able to answer on this questions. I don´t know why…. I would also to know, who sing this hook…

  18. tags for the props to 2deep, people need to know who put this together.
    Anyway you can cut it out if you dont like it @ 0.25dec and fade in…
    but thats just for (ba baracus) Fool’s

  19. whats da name of da song on the hook?

  20. this is nice yo want yall to hear this and comments

  21. 2deep whats da name of da song on the hook?

  22. DOPE SHIT!!!

  23. i like it. good job

  24. who sings the hook..???

  25. OK…I fucks with this joint…cuase its got that old school, deep, ‘boom bap’ type crunch to it. It hits hard…..needs a deeper voice MC on this…with good executuion and delivery….most def a dope beat for a powerful story with impactful lyrics.


    Tha GrammarGod

    @thagrammargod, Check out my track to this beat on youtube search for webbuser24 let me know what u think thanks!

    @webbuser86, Yo…hit my email addy and I’ll give you my honest opinion and feedback. Peace….

  26. dude this beat is SICK! i use it to write over.. it’s like a love song that i’m doing, and first i tell how much i love’d the girl at first and than how she stabbed me in the back and something like that..
    PS: what is the name “i knew it from the start u were playing with my heart” please comment back mate, SICK BEAT !

  27. 2Cocky….. I mean, 2Deep. Maybe a few people think that you think your shit don’t stink. I mean, the way that your tag says it, you the man and everybody else sucks right? Learn to have a little humility my man and maybe you will be as widely accepted as you think you are. If you were the shit, you wouldn’t necessarily be on Shadowville so don’t let your ego get in the way of writing great tracks You are very good, but you think and act (tagline) like you are above everyone else. JMHO.

    @raparoot, get outa here wit that shit!

    @raparoot, If you handed a handful of 2deeps shit, honestly I’d at least think about smellin, probly smell like flowers. lmao

  28. f*** the haters man!! this beat is sick!! and 2deep has every right in the world to tag his material!!!!!… IT’S HIS!!!!!! so, suck it up people!!! quit actin like a bunch of children!!

  29. 2deep bro. This aint the sort of beat i would write. But this beat is dope. Its different, and i like the underground vibe to it. This is a very good attempt.

  30. I was hoping for a Backstreet Sample,J/K 5/5 Definitly dope

    @tracxmarx, True Story, I thought I was dyin once after recorden a song to
    ”Hitten switches” by 2deep, I even called the hospital,turned out to be a lung cramp

    @tracxmarx, Song an beat were beyond dope though.

  31. Very good

  32. Hey guys!
    First off, thanks to all the good feedback. 2nd, its nice to hear that i suck from time to time, i honestly dont think ive ever had sombody hate me THAT BAD…. EVER haha. But i guess its cool to know that i suck, when ive got half the world telling me my shit is above level, aswell as some of the biggest names in the industry!
    About the tags… like ive said before, NOT EVERY BEAT will be tagged… just select few, mainly the beats that are being dropped EXCLUSIVLY on shadowville.
    I do not use the same drum kit, i DO use a similar pattern (Hip hop has a basic loop), everybody that does hip hop uses it, in the end i have my own way of mixing my beats which gives them a similar sound (which in the end if MY sound).
    Supporters, THANK YOU SO MUCH! And the people that dont like my shit, go lisin to britney spears or somthing :D Thanks,
    - 2Deep

    @2Deep, yo dont even trip you are the shit these haters just could not stand the fact you have mad skill you will ALWAYS be my inspiration

    @2Deep, i think your drums are the shit fuck these foos who hate you got a individuel style and that makes it even better

    @2Deep, Tags aint nothing man! if people are serious about their music and really like a beat theyll cop the lease! leases aint got the tags so dont be cheap and invest in beat leases people haha

    @2Deep, its all cool bro, and one thing is certain: true supporters will be here for you no matter how much tags you put in, and, when it comes to fake ones (read: those who like your beats just because they are without tags, given for free, and dont give a fuck about your work in general), those will diss all over you just because SOME OF THEM they actually like are being tagged… so it all comes to: if you give us free, untagged beats, we will support you…. so fuck all of them, keep doin whatcha doin, and get paid :D

    @2Deep, i dont mind your tags coz u only use one and its at the begging but i think you should maybe use a different tag for a more like love melllow beat like this and maybe the tag you alredy used here use for a more harder beat..peace keep up the good work

    @2Deep, lmao 2deep just gassed yall lmao keep it up brah

  33. some yall comments gay as fuck, no beat is da same…… beat Nazi’s

    @carroll, Hey man, I love 2deep’s beats, but its not that his drum patterns are the same, its the drum kits he uses is the same. I can say that because I have the anno drum kits myself (even the ones used on this beat). But one thing i’ll give him credit for is his sampling, he always has crazy chops. But the lack of him making drum kits for each beat he makes anymore, is what keeps him from the untouchable status. Even so, it’s only my opinion, so don’t take everything I say to heart.

    @djgrimm, could have not said it better myself man! his sampling is damn dope he always has those real dark grimey samples but the lack of good drums is what makes me weary of his work. hes dope but always using the same drums and patterns just makes some of his work blan and not stand out. not hate just honest opinion. hes still an amazing producer!

  34. damn 6/5 drums A+

  35. Hala-X sampled the same song, but it sounds nothing like this… DOPE!

  36. yo things say r u tired of pple wit wack beats yeah i am tired of yours i try and try over and over agian listening to 2 deeps beats thy r the same beat wit just a differrent instrument 2deep every body on shadowville makes better beats than u 2 deep u suck bring yo game up and thats the truth

    @freshstadic, 2Deep does not suck! but i do agree that his stuff kinda all sounds the same. this ebats ok. he just has a strong fanbase to where he can pretty much put his drums over himself farting and these dudes would get all wet lmao . The mix on this beat isnt that good. kick sounds very muddy and too loud but kind off overcompressed but still dioesnt hit good. 3/5

    @Equipped, equipped, like 2deep said, thats his style, and probably the reason everybody will recognize his work without tags and shit… and that kick blends in perfect if you ask me (but thats just my opinion)…. dont mean to be harsh though, you aint dissing him, after all, you stood in his defense so, its all cool bro…. freshstadic, speaking of you, i somehow cant understand this, and let me quote you: “i try over and over again listening to 2deeps beats”…. who the fuck is forcing you to listen something you dont like? and speaking of lack of understanding, what the fuck are you doing here anyways?

  37. i dont have, i dont know any words to describe strenght of this masterpiece… fuck man, i dont give a shit about tag, im downloading this one! 2deep, im bowing to you…. 10/5

    really that beat is lame along wit all his othe beats man

  38. Love your shit man, been a fan for long fucking time. Honestly tags dont bother me at all because I understand… what I understand is a beat without a tag on the net somewhere somehow is being resold or someone is making money off of it illegally. Support your producers and buy a goddam license, be thankful you get more than a 30 second clip of the beat. I swear its like taking an uncensored nude pic of your girl, putting it on the web. You can look for free but I want you to pay to jerk off to it… you think they are going to pay?

  39. Damn dude this is like the perfect sample lol. I’m feeling this beat alot. Tags huh? well I know you got to protect your beat but :/

  40. i agree wit the tags, i had to cut the tag on a beat i used last week cuz it makes the songs sound ugly

  41. god damn this beat is tight

  42. always good beats, used to use them alot, wont be with that tag though

  43. 2 bad that you putted tags in your songs man:(

  44. This sounds amazing! One of my favorite beats you’ve done.

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