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Whatever You Want (With Hook)

May 30 2011 | BPM: 84.00 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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15 Feedback

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Uplifting dirty south track with inspiring bells, synths, and a commercial brass over 808 drums. Hook by Quis.

Genres: Dirty South, R&B

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15 Feedback to “Whatever You Want (With Hook)”

  1. yo fam i downloaded whatever you want with hook and i’m laying it down this weekend i want to talk to you about that beat please contact me at 570 540 6120 castello is my name

  2. Am goin 2 use ths song

  3. What does song say?

  4. a yo i want this shxt

  5. he kill dat hook

  6. Check out my version of “Whatever You Want”! Let me know what you think

    My facebook music page:

    @mikewewo, man, nice work, i listened to your version but what does this hook say??

    @mikewewo, man, what does the hook say??

  7. Yo Nine Diamond whats good boi…this beat crack i like it…
    Check out what i did to it.

  8. yahh

  9. Ard shit bruv…ama drop sumin on dis

  10. Really like tha beat but the hook sounds Waaaay too much like T.I.

  11. hey im a teen rapper and im a female can you make some popish hip hop type of beats?? umm kinda like mindless beahvior and khalil please because i love your beats but theyre not suitable for my age so…

  12. Nine mother fuckin diamond! never fail to deliver the hott shit mann

  13. what say the hook?

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