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Next Level

May 30 2011 | BPM: 130.00 | Producer: Adamack
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18 Feedback

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Pop beat using grinding saws and various electronic elements with catchy synths on the verses leading to a big, epic hook section.

Genres: Club, Pop

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18 Feedback to “Next Level”


  2. love this beat!

  3. I recorded a rough personal copy of this. is there a way you can hear it privately

  4. This is the most amazing beat i think i’ve heard in years!

  5. Man, that start wasn’t really any promising for what was coming up. I was drinking coffee right when the chorus came in, and I choked on it. I was shocked of how good the chorus was. And those drums where you switch the hook. SICK!

  6. More of this Adamack, just more. You have a real talent of knowing how to make a beat and where to put all drum kicks, changes in sound, different kinda sounds to get the blood pumping. I could fist pump to this all night long keep it up!

  7. Damn…Adamack, my advice: leave this Shadowville. It’s not your level. You are better than a shadowville. Really.

  8. I love,love,love this frekkin song. I recorded some lyrics over it by myself using mixcraft…hopefully in the next two weeks I’m going to get with a producer to mix it up using pro tools. Check it out, hope you like it. *it’s a very rough draft…so be gentle* Please will you make more songs like this?!!!

  9. wooooooooow ,cant say anything ,didnt see like that anytime ,great and very well ,after a long time i saw a beautifull high tempo work as the same that i liked ,


  11. U just Beat TRISTAN over it :D

  12. I’m not into pop music at all..but jesus christ this is fucking dope. Haha this could seriously be a hit..I could easily hear it on the radio. It’s dope as hell man.

  13. Nice

  14. nice - unusual - like it

  15. This is really nasty for trance style music. For a pop artist who does Gaga or Kid Cudi type stuff this is perfect. For a regular rapper not so much but still great job.

  16. Amazing, 5/5

  17. fukn awesome lol

  18. wow. didnt feel how it started and was going but once the drop came and it kicked in it was def dope. its cool how you work with the double timed drums n switch em in. the instrument selections dope. this is nice! 4/5

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