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One Last Party

Jun 01 2011 | BPM: 116.00 | Producer: ADP
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17 Feedback

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Catchy, synth heavy club beat with a bit of a sad vibe over electro pop drums.

Genres: Club, Pop

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17 Feedback to “One Last Party”

  1. this is a fresh beat, I feel that, hyping me up, I need this beat.


  3. gadmoviwero rogoororrr :DF:D:D: mitxarit ra :D

  4. why can not download??

  5. im pretty sure i inspired this hahaha… nah for real tho as soon as heard this, that part of bad boys 2 when they go into the club where there poppin x and all u see is glow sticks… its hard to not start movin to it lol..

  6. Neutralizer is my number 1 song on shadowville ADP
    now with this amazing track I gotta put some “???!!!”
    this beat is SICK SICK SICK HI5

  7. ADP? Is he new??? hahaha I’m loving this beat, you should come around more often.

  8. sickkk man

  9. 5/5 .. love it ;)

  10. ADP delivers once again, I love your club sound. Superb job mate, 5/5

  11. great job adp

  12. How bout svp dedicates this to Syko Sam for being his GOD who told him to do it.

  13. wow ADP??? lol. its rare for the originals to drop stuff..except Hala lol he took a long break but drops periodically now. gotta admit i like this. this is what i use to love about SVP years back when i first stumbled upon SVP.v this is crazy. very uppity. goodwork Adp

  14. Good work this shit is hot !!! Stay fresh man !

  15. ADP, My favorite producer yet another banger :) good work

    @Hyoujin, thank you thank you very much ;)

    @ADP, hey man !I am a Chineses..
    I’d like to contact you

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