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ON SALE: $200 | BPM: 82.50 | Producer: 2Deep
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12 Feedback

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Deep, dark piano over slow underground drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad

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12 Feedback to “Heartless”

  1. This beat goes too hard man. props. i feel an old school eminem vibe from it. God gifted you well man

  2. i can already hear lil boosie rappin on this

  3. 2 Deep!…what you done!…i would come on here for mainly you and cinema but youre putting full sentences when the beat kicks in?? can we write bars to that man.I understand you wanna sell the tracks but carnt help thinking youve probably made it a little harder for yourself.But maybe im wrong.Good luck anyway mate.

  4. hey man its dimitri i know this is a big favor to ask but the love of my life who iv been talking to for 2 years now is kind of famouse and its hard for me to tell her how much i love her and cant live without her so i wanted to know if you could make a beat that will let her know how much she means to me and how sad and lonley i will be without her i will pay you if i need to man i only got 1 chance to let her know and i could REALLY use your help man she saves my life three times bro and without her i feel like a hollow shell of a man without a soul and no purpose in life please let me know you have no idea how much that would mean to me i would realy appreciate it man

  5. If it wasn’t for your beats I’d quit rapping haha. 90% of the other producers out there are trash.

  6. hey no offence 2deep. but you tattoo looks like 29 eep. if i were u id go back to the tattoo parler and kick his ass for making a D look like a 9.

    @gethigheveryday, no offence kid but its the effect of my trap sticking out^^ And if a “9″ has a line going down the middle in your world then i cant help ya! :D

    @gethigheveryday, lol

  7. Thanks bro!!!

    and @dimitri:
    Im always happy to hear something like that! Everybody has to get thier inspiration from somewhere! I used to get mine from AD (Anno Domini Beats), and Shadowville… now im a part of both of them, and living a life i could only dream of back then! ;) Everybody starts somewhere, and im glad to hear i put you onto that!

    @2Deep, no prob man keep doin your thing i hope one day i could be on your level but if not i would like to at least make a positive influence on music you should make more youtube vids of you making beats in person it would only boost your rep like crazy youtubers go crazy for that kind of thing i would like to learn from the master plus it would influence up and coming producers like me but i hope i can make it in the producing game its been my dream scince you got me into making beats back in thae day and yeah AD is sick with it as well man thanks for all the possitive words man :)

  8. This amazing, love it.
    Shame you had to resort to that amount of tags, but do whats neccesary to keep the business running man, keep it up

  9. yo 2deep you da mothafuckin man you are the one who got me into producing you got a gift man and aye just some advice keep making these sad songs man we love em especially me

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