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Candy Coated

Jun 01 2011 | BPM: 76.00 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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34 Feedback

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Smooth electric wah and mute guitars, hammond organ, with a bit of bells over smooth southern drums and a melodic bassline.

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34 Feedback to “Candy Coated”

  1. Hey Homeboy…a artist from my record label laid a track to this beat… Wehere can i sent it to you for you to listen to? we like your work brother..e-mail me at

    @tk1, thanks

  2. Hey Beatg33kz, keep it coming! this one is chill as fuck i’ll do something real smooth with this. thanks and ill post a link in about a week or so.

  3. I’m a Christian Rapper/producer/Sound Engineer & if you don’t take this beat off the site I will be owing the producer royalties for taking off with this one….I’m gonna patiently wait…and see what happens to this beat…believe or not my songs are touching people lives

  4. this one is riding. it got that down south riding high smoking good feel

  5. Ima on this one BG/// this joint is nasty… Rider Music part 2

    @loose cannon, *Im*

  6. chron beat, and thanks for not tagging, now i can think of you when i’m rappin around the neighborhood without having to hear a logo every twenty seconds. good stuff man and keep it up!

  7. a lot of ur beats are repetitive sounding, so some ppl may think that’s bad, in the sense that u may not b versatile. but i think it’s a good thing because it bears a distinct and melodic tone—one that really sticks in the mind of the listener.

    i immediately wrote a song 2 it and drove around a few neighborhoods and ppl of all ethnicity, young and old was loving it.

    i truly love ur work and look forward 2 working with u on some commercial level in the near future….fuck the haters!

  8. real talk i love this joint beatg33kz, whats the ticket on it?

    @teamyungpoody, where are you at in dallas? I’m from duncanville

    @Beatg33kz, im from west dallas get at me 214-254-6324

  9. Tood killed another one

  10. check this out
    rates plz

  11. beatg33kz is a mother fuckin GGGGGGGGG.

  12. beat is straight UGK..

  13. This is gangsta. hella Southern. could hear some hustle n flow stuff on this. not that great of a beat though it feels like it lacks. just not like wow eye popping work. its cool though

  14. dope beat…sounds like a youngbloodz track… when it first came on i heard “85″ all over this.. dope nonetheless

  15. i luv this beat. i can def hear luda rippin this apart. we dont have enough luda type beats and i’m really feelin this one. 5/5

  16. i dont even know why they let you on shadowville. i havent liked any your beats scents you joined in like december of 2010. dont quit your day job.

    @gethigheveryday, scents? this kid is smokin somethin else…holy FUCK AHHAH

    @gethigheveryday, So because you don’t like him means no one else does? You prolly don’t like the beats cause you can’t spit on ‘em. Anyone wit soul knows this mofo is ridin’, son. Keep it up, Todd - this shit is that fuego

    @gethigheveryday, i don’t have a day job. don’t quit school, you will learn how to spell “sense” soon enough little buddy

    @Beatg33kz, of coures you dont have a job. they took your job! at wal-mart!

    @gethigheveryday, …………

    @Beatg33kz, i thought it was ’since’ lol

    @Slantize, lol i was saying most people fuck it up w/ “sense” hence the quotes. first time i’ve seen someone use scents though

    @Beatg33kz, lol, me too

    @Slantize, was a joke asshole

    @Beatg33kz, tags being < sarcasm > < / sarcasm >

    @Beatg33kz, u need to add the tags when it comes to the internetz

    @Slantize, HAHAHA slant texted me using “cents”

    @Slantize, i don’t have proper net training

  17. <3

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