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Last To Stand

ON SALE: $200 | BPM: 92.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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7 Feedback

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Motivational, hard electric guitars with hits over grimey underground drums.

Genres: Underground

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7 Feedback to “Last To Stand”

  1. hey man its dimitri this shit is FIREfirst thing i did was download it if its cool im going to spread the word around bout you man the world needs to know about your talent plus i got a lot of friends who rap but im really sorry if im bugging you by asking sorryi know this is a big favor to ask but the love of my life who iv been talking to for 2 years now is kind of famouse and its hard for me to tell her how much i love her and cant live without her so i wanted to know if you could make a beat that will let her know how much she means to me and how sad and lonley i will be without her i will pay you if i need to man i only got 1 chance to let her know and i could REALLY use your help man she saves my life three times bro and without her i feel like a hollow shell of a man without a soul and no purpose in life please let me know you have no idea how much that would mean to me i would realy appreciate it man everything i am is on the line

    @dimitri cass, bro, if thats the kinda beat your looking for, look up adamack or sinima, mainly adamack hes the one with those emotional kinda beats he makes amazing ballads

    @kmx210, thanks man i just wanna have one made just for her it is so important but i appreiciate the info i will look into that i just hopoe someone will help me out im not doing to good in life as it is i cant loose her

    @dimitri cass, also try and email them it will seem more professional and they will most likely prefer an email and youll have a better chance of them saying yes. Email like kmx said either Sinima or Adamack.

    @Equipped, thanks bro i REALLY appreciate all the help and support btw what is 2deeps e mail or how whould i get ahold of it?

    @Equipped, I think 2Deep is really good making these emotional beat…lol, Burnin Light, Road To Success, Live For This Music, Personality Disorder, Incomplete, Tension Pt. 3…Just some example.

    @hoster1, yeah man i agree he puts alot of heart and feelings into his beats

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