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Gotta Believe

Jun 06 2011 | BPM: 92.50 | Producer: Adamack
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29 Feedback

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Rock and hip-hop mixed beat featuring acoustic guitars and piano over a great drum vibe with electric guitars and organs on the hook.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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29 Feedback to “Gotta Believe”

  1. Very nice beat bro got a “rough draft” of my lyrics on it hope you don’t mind lol
    all credit for the beat goes to you and very well done

  2. OW NICE BEAT !!!

  3. Yo! Adamack always on point wit ur shii dude!

  4. nice beat, mr Adamack, you can listen to this song, my friend sings it, it’s your beat and your job-))))

    @mikabrat, you have to press on the button Прослушать

  5. My work.. some love song :)
    BTW: I was fifteen.

  6. Is it okay if I use this on a mixtape? Like a demo that I want to send to a record label..

  7. That’s The Price You Paid When Ya Took The Fast Lane (Do Not Drive Under the Influence Melody) Track I wrote with your beat all credits given.

  8. just finished writing a song on this instrumental hopefully I’ll be able to make a video hope i’ll do it justice great beat respect to you adamack he is the only producer on here who inspire me to write song the last one i wrote was called” here i am” on the ” better than that ” instrumental. It would really mean a lot if adamack could give me feedback and see the final product i have . If anyone is interested in listening to the song i wrote before here is a link


  10. muy linda base =)

  11. Please everyone give this a listin and leave your feadback on youtube . my friend and i put alot of work into it and thought that this beat was absolutly perfect. so please leave your feedback.

  12. Sounds a bit too much like a weaker version of My Life by Game. Listen to the instrumental on Youtube. That’s just my two cents though.

  13. I wrote a song to this = ) thank you for the amazing beat!!!

  14. wheres the money? tell me where the money is
    say somethin i havent heard maybe keep it funny
    cuz this is far from what i wanted closer ta bummin
    they tryna take my self esteem down but thiz shit is what i run on
    ex amount on me baby you keep em comin
    goin hard as a mother call me the son of a
    little do you kno like ya mind stays puzzled
    but at the end a the day enuff change ta say fuck em

  15. one of the best beats u ever made…great work

  16. Adamack i love ur beats man. help me out cuz i wanna make beats as good as yours.

  17. this is sick, i’m going to use it to write a song
    keep up the good work god bless

  18. I love how your beats build toward something ! Keep em commin’ !

  19. i duno why i got a bit of a vibe from that track Deliverance haha, fantastic beat man. ADAMACK!!! definitely bumpin this one in the car

  20. Adamack Is A Monster

  21. Adamack, your easily the best producer on this site, i dont understand why all your shit ain’t sold out, but just keep producing like this and the green will come

  22. Much better then most beats on shadowville.
    Natural and Clean sound.
    Keep doing like this!
    rate: 5

  23. track is fire

  24. Thanks everyone for your support!!!

  25. Adamack you never let us down. I love the emotional beats. Keep it up

  26. Still the best nigga doing it, too good.

  27. i expect nothing less from you adamck

  28. Wonderful composition! nice story telling track

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