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Serial Killer Pt. II

Jun 08 2011 | BPM: 82.50 | Producer: 2Deep
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16 Feedback

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Dark, psychotic sounding bent pianos and strings over grimey underground drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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16 Feedback to “Serial Killer Pt. II”

  1. good

  2. instrumental was mental to bad i cant download it

  3. i remember the first Serial Killer beat totally different from this, i actually think i did really great on that beat….I’d love to bump this in my car, or even use it, but the tag is a bit loud and really frequent so i cant LOL oh well, its already purchased anyway. 5/5

  4. Awsume beat man 5/5

  5. lol this sold quick, do you think the tags had something to do with it? haha props 2deep

  6. Sinima LEFT ?! omgggg .. He was my favorite producer here ! Btw .. I love this beat .. 5/5

  7. Not going to lie, tags are annoying. But regardless sick beat.

    @rampage503, agreed.

  8. oh by da way dope beat, those strngs r nasty

  9. Used to be a fan, till you tagged the fuck out of your beats. Sinima left and now my favorite producer tags every 8 bars so people buy his shit. Fuck that.

    @dixon23, Atleast his tags r dope

    @kew c.r.e., his tags aren’t dope! They’re loud as hell and long!

    @dixon23, Nobody complains when jus blaze and bangladesh do it. I wonder y u SVP dudes get so bent outta shape about it.

    To not b a fan cuz he tagz?? kinda homo 2 me. just my opinion.

    @kew c.r.e., haha fully agree wit kew, wut kinda fag would stop liking a producer cuz of his tags. stop complaining n buy da damn license, u thnk 2deep enjoyz u morons jackin his beats

    @infantry, No, but every 8 bars is fucking ridiculous, and Im not saying I dont like his beats, they’re sick, and I can understand a tag every 16 but every 8? Fuck that Im done with 2Deep.

    @dixon23, why did sinima leave?

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