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Summertime Cruising (With Hook)

Jun 10 2011 | BPM: 98.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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11 Feedback

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Upbeat track with a summer vibe, chopped-up live guitars, and catchy synths over bouncy drums. Hook by Young Marquis.

Genres: Club, Pop, R&B, Urban

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11 Feedback to “Summertime Cruising (With Hook)”

  1. Dope shit bro. Jst recently got a job so I will be leasing beats once I get mi budget arranged. I really like your guys’ style on ALL the beats, thus is why I will be leasing from you for sure. Great job on everything.

  2. This beats is really Chill and rocking at the same time and like everything is amazing really but like is there a way you could try to crispin up the vocals on the hook and I mean like if that what’s you guys are looking for it works to and by all mean I have posts that I didn’t make everything perfect but this sounds perfect just I felt the hook was maybe being drowned by something or I don’t know but like I like the tone of the girls voice and flow that anyways have a good one Love It in no way hating
    Jimmy Rock
    Jimmy Rock

    @jimmyrock, is there a girl and a guy seeing the hook together?

  3. Can we please have the lyrics to the hook ? Hard to make out ..

  4. lyrics

  5. sick beat,u guys are great,what does the hook say? i cant exactly understand all of the words

  6. fuk ya chill down lovin it

  7. now you got me listening! fuck this is so dope. you should make a hookless one too! 5 stars

    @gethigheveryday, Look friend. We are never mad at your negative comments. But we are trying our best. You don’t like it (andd you will def. hate our next few beats loool) but till now i thought your just a hater. But i guesss you are not so thank you for your comment. Only thing i doon’t understand is when you’r saying all beats sound the same…. Thaats our “style” and we can’t (don’t know how to) change it

    @Atomic Beats, plz can you give me the hook

    @Atomic Beats, Hey things come and go, and some times and idea will bring on different sounding beats or an artist or collaboration but just have to flow with the creativity and let it happen and you guys are doing amazing at that and professional sounding beats and hooks and it all inspires so much good that there should be no reason for any one to be hating especially not your beats and should be more thankful and happy for what the skill skill you guys have and time you put into acquire it and all you do and the passion you put into it, thanks and Cheers

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