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Tear The Roof Off

Jun 12 2011 | BPM: 100.00 | Producer: Smoke
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18 Feedback

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Muted guitars, effects, and brass stabs with a bit of funk over upbeat drums and percussion.

Genres: Club, East Coast

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18 Feedback to “Tear The Roof Off”

  1. very Goodddddddddddddddddddddd

  2. im going to use your beat for my new free so awesome…when i have the song i posted you the link…cause im sure you like it, sorry for my bad english im from spain xD in spain we do good rap but dont speak good english xD

  3. beatler g├╝zel homie :D

  4. here’s what i dropped on it famo…

  5. nice,where you were man ,you produce beats very less than past,one of you beats makes me crazy by name:as the world burns )can you produce the part2 of this beat

  6. This shit is ill smoke ill have something on it in a couple weeks homie

  7. I like but it is missing something to make it fuller or more complex in sound.

  8. Yo Bro! Can u sample this beat?!?! ….!!!!

  9. Yo Smoke I uploaded the track to youtube

    I recorded and wrote it drunk hahaha

    @the1benji, Sounds good man

  10. Thanks for all the feedback it’s always appreciated. If you like the beat check out the Redman remix here:

    @Smoke, that remix is so dirty

    @Shadow, Thanks


  12. FIREEEE !!!! Nuff said ! 5/5

  13. HOLY SHIT, I have to thank you as in a artist’s way, because I’ve been suffering from writers block for about three days now, this inspired the shit out of me, and I had those lyrical moments where everything just flowed, Bless you and your beats man!

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DIRTY….you know ive always been a fan bro. This is amazing!

  15. Damn Smoke, I don’t know what to say about this jam right here. This is probably the most original track that I’ve heard on SV. It’s not just original, it makes sense. I hope u sell this joint ’cause this track needs to be on the airwaves. Phenomenal beat. Wow.

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