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I Never Made It (With Hook)

Jul 05 2011 | BPM: 75.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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82 Feedback

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Slow-paced emotional beat with pianos, strings, and synths over acoustic drums. Hook by Ashleigh Munn. Produced by Mart85.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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82 Feedback to “I Never Made It (With Hook)”

  1. 1st verse….People wonder why I act this way, i never had a chance to grow thats what my doctor said.had me up under all that sedation as a kid,helping me supress the pain I was feeling inside,I was buck ass wild doing what the fuck I wanted as a muthafucking child.I was above the law them bitches wasn’t there when my childhood got tooken fuck you mean fuck you officer..took the splaks robbed this and that stolen checks even set you up hell yeah I’m on that. you name it I muthafucking did it and didn’t give a fuck about your muthafucking feelings. I’m snatching these chains and getting away,and uh fighting these hoes day after day. never felt the love always felt hate dam what if I never made it……..Hook

  2. Awesome Beat….!!!

  3. This is such an awesome beat, with a great hook, love her voice though.<3

  4. Hey! I really like this beat, can you send me the hook lyrics please. I already wrote to need someone, and I must say its a hit!!!


  6. Hey what are the lyrics for the hook ?

    step ya game up,
    wanna hang tough,
    homeboy get flamed up,!

    @pauze32, R U FUCKIN SERIOUS?!

  8. I also wrote to this song , if you would like to take a listen email promise you will not be sorry, again my nmae is t dot viera and my manager name is rick.

  9. i killed this beat ages ago

  10. great beat….check out the song here atomic beats…16year old rappers from India

    @xxxxxxxx, PLZ, QUIT!!!!

  11. this beat is kool

  12. wish i had 500 bucks, i would give it to you right now!

  13. Check this one

  14. The latest music video to hit the web. Check it out.

  15. im writting to this hoe right now keep the beats coming atomicbeats is my new producers

  16. this song is fire

  17. i like writing to this jawn now

  18. i fall but i get back up its a steady thang/people steady hatin, im paper makin for ever chasin
    good starter verse if any one wants it u can have it :)

  19. Atomic, bought the track seperation a week or so ago but its missin at least one if not two piano tracks. sent an email to shadowville but heard nothin back. can you get somebody to help me out with this.

    @no 1 only 1, hey, sorry for the late reply, I just saw your comment… if your problem hasn’t been solved, you could send an email at and we’ll send you the missing files. But for your information, there is only one piano track in that song. There are other tracks like “Rhodes.wav” and another piano-related track, so maybe you’re talking about those tracks. Anyhow, if you could email us some info (like the date you purchased it) and how many tracks you have in your zip file, we’ll help you.

  20. anyone got the lyrics to the hook….kinna hard to understand what she’s sayin

    love the beat man!!! did a track over it when it first dropped over a laptop mic. would really appreciate if u checked it out and gave some feedback atomic. keep it up

  22. atomic beat you the best guys. and may you please do me a favor, be my mantor in music, want to excel in music life. help me guys.

    and any one else willing to help, send me an email to

    please guys, i will be grad to say that you bought me up. thanks in advance

  23. think anyone else can bring light to this wit a verse and maybe then we can do some thing on track for real!

  24. i wake up in the morning and i kiss my gurl// grab a pen and a pad then i diss the world// see the world dissed me first im just dissin it back// the earth flipped me the bird so im flippin it back// they say god’s a lovin man but he;s done me so dirty// if he love me so much why in the hell did he hurt me?// i mean he’s god almighty got lots of powers and shit// so why in the hell did he let the twin towers get hit?// look all those people die and then more people cry// now there’s parentless children,people lost husbands and wives// some people would like to say dat it was a terrible mistake// but some people still say dat it was terrorist’s and hate// now the terrible mistake is we debate the terror dat was made// and we look away from the face of the terror and the pain// sno if im dead in the mornin dat just means im gone// atleast my maker showed and let me breathe this long/////////////////// AYO I TOLD Y’ALL I WAS FEELIN THIS ONE HARD BODY!!!!!!

    @bulistik70, U ate dat hoe sq. business da song made fo u

    @bulistik70, nice work brother. yuo should write me a verse some day. i like this :)

    @chawa, AYO,, look thank you first off for givin props where they are due!!! dat alone will get you far in this industry so good lookin out and hit up peep some of my music then get back at me!

  25. Lavin tha Kid version

    send me feedback

  26. Ayo im feelin this one hard body son! keep it up

  27. Lol… ok there haha

  28. Sorry you have to copy and paste, I can’t figure out how to make it a link! lol

  29. I didn’t know this beat was so popular!? Well, here is me.. (VRK)…first verse, and WIZ from Distant Pham… second verse. Hope you like it.


  30. The titlte of the song is excuse’s aren’t enough

  31. Really fealt the beat and the hook spook to me like it knew my life. Check me out…

  32. I loved it so i went in :)

  33. let us know what u think

  34. atomic beats… here u go

    @souljahrob, Do u even REALIZE THE CONCEPT of the hook?!

  35. sorry everybody but im about to buy this beat

  36. love this beat! Spit this great verse to it… check it out and lemme know what you think!

  37. I recorded to this beat yesterday!! :) hope you like it!!

  38. ayo i gotta jump on this bro i promise u this will be a tear jerker… im really really feelin it! i am gathering up the money right now to buy this one, how much will u let it go for?

    @anonymusrappin4christ, thanks a lot. The prices are as usual, so it’s $39.99 for the blanket licence, and an extra $35 (I think) for the track separation.

  39. yo thiz beat iz amazing homie goood job i used it if thtz ight if u get da time check it out itz a work n progress juz lookin fo sum feedback good or bad tell me wat ya think. thankz nd much respect

    @jokerfunn, it’s a good start, keep it up. In some parts you rap pretty fast, you should be careful and make sure that your flow is really tight on the beat, so my advice would be to work on that. But yeah it’s a good start, you should finish it

  40. yo atomic, who’s the one singin in the hook?

    @rezek, Her name is Ashleigh Munn

    @Atomic Beats, cool.! at some point she is sounding like Rihanna.!! ;) :D cool.! i like he beat.!!

  41. Can we get one without hook??

  42. please look at it!

  43. @atomic beats i purchased this beat last nite but the file wasnt sent to my email i purchased the blanket license if someone can contact me asap thank u

    @jeks11, I sent you mail… did you got it?

  44. @Atomic Beats…when u first uploaded this track w/hook (which i love her voice) pro tools was already importing and i was already writing lol..check out what i did with it..

    @swampslim, Wow really good! For real!

    @Atomic Beats, Thanx ..Everybody i let hear this track Loves it ..
    I need info on how to get exclusive rights to this song because i need it for
    a Mixtape im coming out with , and ill be sick without it!! The bass sounds so live
    and the keys tell my life story.

    @swampslim, You’lll have to email me….

  45. Hey im going to be using this beat for my new track Im Sorry and i wasnt realy going to send you a message but this beat is fucking amasing!!! awsome job man real talk. blessssss

    @cykoticmusic, Why are you sorry? lol Its great you’lll be using it! Send us finished “product”

    @Atomic Beats, send a finished product? lol im curious as to why you would want one?

    @kmx210, Well we have a “plan” for best songs made with our beats…. But thats still “private”…lol

    @Atomic Beats, Sorry i didn’t check this for a while… Full songs

    @Atomic Beasts, so i send you a song with just my verse or a full out song

    @kmx210, And yeah we are on youtube

    @kmx210, Will do i was going to do it today but studio got delayed will send it you on wednesday. you on youtube iswell so i can post responce?

  46. just beautiful,i love it

  47. This hits hard… message falls right into place with the beat. 5/5 easy

    @renegadewade, Thak You

  48. excellent good work

  49. Can we get one without a hook as well?

    @verse, Yes we will upload without hook version soon

  50. check this out and rate

  51. this hits hard i like it. I have dreams of not making so this song is a wake up call

  52. Hook:
    A failure, I never made it
    My family, devastated
    A liftetime, just wasted
    Bitterness has been tasted
    Because I, I never made it
    My family, devastated
    A lifetime, just wasted
    Because I, I never made it

    Yeah this hook is only for brave rappers….lol

    @Atomic Beats, yo me and my cuzzin are realy into this beat. him and i grew up together and he dropped out of highschool and all kinds of crazzyness. plz message me id like to send you lyrics we are thinkin about using if we get the liscence.

    @superbadxxx, just contact

    @Atomic Beats, so that is my hook :P

    @Atomic Beats, Hi, I like your instrumental, but I’d like to talk with you about the instrumental, I would like to use it. I’m from Spain, leave me your email?

  53. Great hook! Could someone tell me the right lyrics? I’m not that sure..

  54. I really like this one.. I usually don’t really connect with Atomic Beats but I gotta do something with this.

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