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Haunted Mansion

Jul 10 2011 | BPM: 69.00 | Producer: Tristan
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15 Feedback

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Spooky southern beat with haunting pianos, deep brass hits, and synth effects over heavy hitting 808 drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic, Silly

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15 Feedback to “Haunted Mansion”


    Watch this

  2. Tristan makes the hardest beats on this website…..ain’t none of the other people even close to his calibur

    @etherdareeper, i feel u diz beat go stupid

  3. might have to buy this one

    @meanoxious, i was thinking the same thing son!!!!!!!!!

  4. dis shit goes hard

  5. Damn! This beat is so fucken wicked! Everything about this beat is nasty as fuck.. And i love that NES sound effect used! haha, very nice work Tristan!


  6. dobra brzmienie ;-)

  7. listen to my song

  8. check this out!!!


  9. very coll man keep working!

  10. slapps brah!!!

  11. its cool. nothing new though its too similar to like all tristans other work. sounds like all your other stuff. its still cool but just nothing new or wow. 2.5/5

  12. Check It And Share
    Much Appreciated

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