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Make It (With Hook)

ON SALE: $200 | BPM: 80.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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18 Feedback

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Dirty street vibe beat with emotional accordions, hammond organs, brass, and live guitars over rolling live drums. Hook by JC.

Genres: Gangsta, Urban

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18 Feedback to “Make It (With Hook)”

  1. check that out:))

  2. um from the burg

  3. @Atomic Beats. I love this and wanna use it. Are selling it exclusively? If so please let me know.

    @tpaynewatson, Yes but we don’t have fixed price… You can send me your offer to

    @Atomic Beats,

  4. Much respect on yo beats atomic but this perticular beat i really cant understnad the hook what is he sayin

  5. Dope beat, feeling this. Nice and gritty.

  6. would rather hear the beat. sick intruments just hook dont shine on it

  7. Personally, this is a great track to me! It’s like the dope sequel to “I Never Made It” which was also dope. Keep doin ya thang, Atomic!

  8. Amazing :) Good Job Atomic Beats ! Lyrics of the hook please ? :)

  9. check out my music here!! =D

  10. This is Shadowville worthy? Wtf is this? the equalizing and mixing is HORRIBLE.

    @mynameisabc1, I don’t hate, I liked all Atomic Beats so far but I agree with you about this one .. 2/5 .. holla ;)

    @emirhere, haha, this bbeat suposed to be weird like that… I mean we didn’t suddenly forgot how to mix or something, but yeah i guess this “experiment” ended badley

    @Atomic Beats, Never mind man ! It happens. It’s just my opinion .. you’re making great beats .. respect ;)

    @emirhere, lol yeah it happens… But i promise you all, next few beats will be real “killers”
    (for people who like AB, for people that hate us it will still suck…lol)

    @Atomic Beats, Yeah i know you don’t hate, its cool. And yeah like i said next few beats will be just like the “first one’s”…
    “They seemed like it was real drums & real guitars”

    Thats becouse those was real guitars/bass and real/live drums (on some of them)

    @Atomic Beats, I don’t hate your beats. I dislike this one and believe it was poorly put together. I do like the first ones you put up that seemed real and not computer-generated. They seemed like it was real drums & real guitars. Take it back to the roots when you first came to Shadowville man. Those times were dope, and if I might make 1 suggestion….. I understand tags and everything completely, just not why it’s in the middle of a hook. Let the hook play out and put the tag at the beginning and end at least.

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