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Jul 25 2011 | BPM: 61.10 | Producer: Tristan
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19 Feedback

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Simple and hypnotic snap beat with a 1950s style sci-fi sample sound effects designed for crazy delivery.

Moods: Silly
Genres: Club, Dirty South

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19 Feedback to “Galaxy”

  1. ohh damn this shit slapz if it wasnt already bought out i woulda had this daamn

  2. I think me n my crew did this way better than the others posting links lol…

  3. Yo Man. I think I did your beat justice. If you made it, it’s an instant banger. check it!


    loved the track. souts to you in the song

  5. Hey man I’m 13 and I made a song too ur beat!! Here’s the link hope u like!

  6. This is sick, Im a writer link up bro. I got a lot in stores for us.

  7. Damn this beat is fiya…love it man keep it up i already laid a hook on this beat, i wanna work on this beat but i would wondering if u could send me the beat without the voices in it. that would be bless

  8. I love your beats man, keep making them

  9. why do i love you so??? cuz your beats kick ass. thats why!!!! <3 Anna Monroe

  10. Yo Brody This shyt swaged out..Lets link up

  11. That shit’s a slapper. good fuckin job trist. peace

  12. i meant ta share this a long time ago, holla at me tell me wat u think ima youngin so keep it real, spot out any mistakes

  13. this is the link

  14. Subscribe send meessage if you want to collab like me on facebook [link]

    @aezzy, Lets collab bruh

    @aezzy, u talkin bout gettin on the track together

  15. FUCKIN SICK !!!!!! I LOVE IT

  16. HELL YEA REp yo sht partna, i thought scales was cold dis is bad shit, 10/5

  17. :O dayuuuuuuummmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this shit is crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! favorite beat from u so far brah ! amazing

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