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Make My Move

Jul 30 2011 | BPM: 71.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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12 Feedback

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Slow, emotional rock rap beat with live and inspirational guitars, melodic bassline, a bit of piano, and synths over hard acoustic drums.

Genres: East Coast, Pop, Urban

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12 Feedback to “Make My Move”

  1. “Neutralizer” by JAD
    2nd single from JAD’s 11th studio album “Just Another Dream”

  2. Love it i just Got The License for it :)

  3. I loveee thiss beatt!

  4. Nice, I hear acoustic,electic,and bass guitar. Piano melody killin it too keep this rock shit going atomic beats. I would like it if shadowville had a rock genre where its just rock with no hip hop. I understand that it may be hard to orchestrate a whole rock song without the hip hop sound, keep doing you. If anyone know of a site where they have nothing but rock hooks hit me up.

  5. thnx for the tags in every 2 seconds of the song. fuck sake. can u guys like put the tag in the intro and just let that be it?

  6. damn this is nice! real deep stuff. love this!! 5/5

  7. i dont like it but it can be better . there is no composer to make happy beats ? i’m tired of this beats anyway .

  8. I thought I heard this somewhere before then I rememberd EMINEM-SPACE BOUND

    @lil 2, Yeah i can hear why do it remind you of it… But we didn’t tryed to copy it at all…

    @Atomic Beats, i would like to chat with you in private. about this beat. i would
    like to buy this beat, i love it, but is problem, and i’d like to discuss this with you if that is possible. thx.

  9. i use your background music all the time! one thing is though your music is a little long make it like 1 minute shorter and your music is perfect! :)

  10. Idk why there is no comments on this… this is my favorite beat of 2011 and I never have anything nice to say haha good shit

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