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Trap Goin Ham

Aug 01 2011 | BPM: 64.00 | Producer: Tristan
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10 Feedback

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Slow and hard hitting trap beat with heavy brass, synths, and orchestra hits over heavy 808 drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic, Silly

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10 Feedback to “Trap Goin Ham”

  1. and trap is still in, and this beat was released 3 years ago…looks like tristan was on to something

  2. I dont kno what da rest of yall talkin about dis beat go hard I might use this 4 my new mixtape comin out and itz just my style too. Nice Job @Tristen U need 2 make more beats like this in my opinion @Tristen he’s the Best Producer here on Shadowville Keep it up Tristen!

  3. im actually using this

  4. LOL sorry I don’t make emo piano beats for you guys to cry over. Sorry but the 90s is over and trap music is in.

    @Tristan, PS this is my favorite beat I’ve made to date.

    @Tristan, nice

  5. Hey tristan wanna collab? my beats sound shitty like this too. combined well make the ultimate shitty beats~

  6. Hmmm.. You could do better my bro :). Your Sounds Sound Played out. Too Predictable!

  7. WTF is this?

  8. hella sounds like lex/ every other tristan beat. uncreative/unoriginal. this has been done way too many times. nothing new here idk beats pretty wack. honest opinion.

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