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Dat Piff

Aug 06 2011 | BPM: 87.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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13 Feedback

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Atmospheric electronic choir pads with synths and pizzicato over laid back drums.

Moods: Relaxed, Silly
Genres: Club, R&B, Urban

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13 Feedback to “Dat Piff”

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  2. this is tuff, but cant even dowload

  3. damn! cant download it smh

  4. 2 deep wassup boy let me get the mp3 of that beat to show too short! He always comes to my work (la pinata ) to eat and i know him really well . I think he would love this!

  5. yea, this ones raw, i like how you mixed it up, since you i didnt use those harmonic singing type of sounds in the background, those sound good to but variety is better! keep it up.

  6. drums are sick man. i really feel this beat. refreshing.

  7. check this guys lol

    @bluud diamond, Why you spammin the beat pages homie? We got threads lol…

    @ridikarus, because you the fucking hater in here fuck off my dick homo lol

  8. Thanks guys!
    I honestly wasnt trying to go a certain vibe with this. haha, its just kinda what it turned out to be… sombody told me they hear drake on it?…. im not a fan of his tho! hahaha
    this beat is like 4 months old i think. I do tons of different shit, its only the things i release that you guys know ;)

  9. Hmmm…..honestly dont feel it anywhere near as your usual bangers but I respect you branching out, I like to try different genres as well. I will say that your theory and stuff is spot on in this, I just cant really see people jamming to it in a club really I dunno. Its kind of mellow. Perhaps laying back in the cut and gettin faded ha ha?

  10. Wow, i’m not used to hearing this style of beat from you at all 2Deep.. But you did a really fresh job on it! I like your take on, “Club” beats.. U allways come with sick drums to rhyme over and the melody in this is sooo dope! Good work man!


  11. One of the very few Clubers by 2deep!!.. Sweetness!

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