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Limelight (With Hook)

Aug 08 2011 | BPM: 92.00 | Producer: Allrounda
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31 Feedback

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Soulful hip hop beat with pianos and strings over smooth drums. Hook by Alicia Renee.

Genres: East Coast, R&B

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31 Feedback to “Limelight (With Hook)”

  1. Hey Bro I habe a question about this beat did you have still this beat ? I wanted record on this beat a few years ago but I couldn’t. I will be really proud if it will be possible. Please Answer :)

  2. how can i get this beat without the hook ?

  3. can i use this beat?

  4. can i get this beat im in need of beats i promise i wont upset you when i rap on it

  5. Dang I’m like into dirty south beats but. Looks like ima have to reconsider ,,well done onthe beat and hook ,,this is 5 star good music !!!!

  6. wat be goin thru ur head u do a beat, either way I wish I was in it… this is hott…

  7. and by the way this beat is sick hook and everything if anyone feels otherwise then you guys are bad..plain and simple

  8. haha i’m sorry man but i killed this beat for you.. absolutely murdered it…

  9. This track is Dope

  10. BIG beat, got that early Kanye vibe. Love it

  11. I want record on this… promo only! OK?

  12. i wrote the realest shit i cud ever write 2 dis beat rite here n im not even a rapper lol but wen i heard the beat it spoke volumes 2 me n i actually got 2 write my 1st full song 2 it so u definitely get props 4 dat hopefully if i can record i’ll definitely post it on ur twitter…KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK….my artist is actually writing 2 dat HEAD HUNTER beat u did he’s definitely gonna body dat n wen he does i’ll send it 2 ur twitter also

  13. you are a killer in beats man …KUDOS TO YOU…love your beats im kinda wanting to work on this one…love the hook


  15. check out wat i did wit this song

  16. dope, but i dont like the hook

    @kid dex, why not?

  17. the beat is real kidd…..Keep em comming; you got something going on!!!

  18. Whats she sayin in the chorus?

  19. heres my cover for this song wrote the same day it came out and recorded it let me know how it is honestly

  20. the girl on the chorus, What is her name?

  21. damn this beat is dope as fuck, im not a pop singer but i can still spit some serious shit on this

  22. i cant see spittin anything to this beat, maybe if i was a pop singer. but i gotta give it to you for the good quality and solid production. its a good beat, but definetly not my style. 3/5

    @dillyribz, u dont have to be a pop singer to spit on this,its actually pretty easy

    @bozzd313, i didnt say you HAD to be a pop singer, it just sounds like a pop kind of beat rather than rap. thats all im sayin. i like the beat as a beat, not as something to spit to.

    @dillyribz, yea true daT,

  23. Check it sick track bro

  24. hey guys check out my new beat

  25. hella sick this can be a dope track lool

  26. Im gon ta record ta put on my sample album ill post it later on in the week

  27. sick as fuck bro,this shit has my writing lyrics like crazy ! keep it up ! 10/10 !

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