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In The Rain (With Hook)

Aug 09 2011 | BPM: 82.50 | Producer: 2Deep
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22 Feedback

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Sad, emotional beat with pianos and light guitars over laid back smooth drums. Hook By Cryptic Wisdom.

Moods: Dark, Relaxed, Sad

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22 Feedback to “In The Rain (With Hook)”

  1. While there, why be loved love
    My words and syllables have a

    the singer has a amazing relaxed voice

  2. I love the hook - very relaxed - love love love!!!

    Snypz & Sparka Ft Fizzy - Feeling Good

  4. are you and cryptic tight. i noticed he’s been on some of your hooks. i’m not sure but i think you made ‘about to fall’ with him on tha hook. anyways you and him are both tight and keep it up

  5. this is on some next level homo shit!

    @bluhd relahyted, hows that?

    @bluhd relahyted, damn i really feel it

  6. hook is fucking nancy with a capitol N. cryptic has to have one of the gayest most annoying voices. beat itselfs pretty cool partner. it gets repetitive and boring quickly though. then the hook comes in and becomes beyond gay and annoying. 1.5/10

    @shadow divine, you just didnt listen to it right

    @mccooper, nah partner i heard it right. pretty lame stuff nancy. open up your ears and listen through professional studio monitors not a pair of $30 dollar shitty headphones:D

    @shadow divine, first off im not your partner,
    second thats nansy with an s not a c…punk,
    third when you said straight i know you werent talking about you fuckin homo

    @shadow divine, straight.

  7. I miss the way/

    you and i kissed when we both touched lips in the middle of the rain/

    and i miss the way/

    you and i both pulled eachother so close in the middle of the rain… in the rain/

  8. Hey, can you post me the lyrics, i cant unterstand it clearly cuz my english isnt the best but enough :)

  9. Se puede usar este beat, o hay algun problema por la parte de vocal de Hook ?? gracias, soy un mc spanish no soy un poli por lo de “cops” de user, pero joder no me dejaba poner otra cosa xD

  10. Damnit I wish this was on sale. I wrote something really good to this and now a million people are going to use it. Oh well lol, guess I better get my paper up.

    @rampage503, damn same here dude, i jus heard it today wrote down wat i freestyled

  11. Great one ! Lyrics ? Can’t hear all so clear ..

  12. **NEWNEWNEW** JJ Beats. ft. EMINEM. - When I’m Gone;;

  13. I really love it

  14. Good shit man!! ….you should do more like this one ….i love the hook and everything about it! …..big thumbs up!

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