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Streets Have Eyes

Aug 22 2011 | BPM: 82.50 | Producer: 2Deep
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12 Feedback

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Slow and sad acoustic guitars with eerie violins over underground drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad
Genres: Underground

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12 Feedback to “Streets Have Eyes”

  1. gr8 beat and fuck haters =]

  2. @shadow divine, what a fuck u talkin about?
    5/5. I like this beat

  3. Awesome track! Perfect chosen track title ;-)

  4. After very fine evaluation i deem this beat good! its real hiphop!! i actually like it. sorry for the previous comments partner i am on great stuff right now so im kind off emotional partner.. hehe. ok well this beats definately better then any Tristan beat. and tristan is trying to talk poop saying beatgeekz is the only original producer on SVP so in a way hes saying 2deep is fake? thats tristans a real nancy! keep up the hiphop 2deep!

  5. this beat is beyond boring and cheap. not very great at all. come on you nancy bring some better heat. ok its not bad actually. its pretty ok partner

    @shadow divine, this beat is not boring! its very great at all! ok its actually not that ok

    @shadow divine, think you have apologized enough bro :D he wont kill you ! :D

    @shadow divine, are you talking to yourself, bruv?

  6. this beat goes hard partner! not bad nancy fancy pants. id rate it outstanding !

    @shadow divine, u kidding me this shit is bout as hard as ur dick in flaccid state, bunch of pipewipers

  7. really? this is total garbage! samples are boring and the drum breaks he tried using are lame. the way he (layered) or not really layered the drums is shitty/boring/ not very good. beats boring. mix is like he didnt even really mix it// just added some lame drums to a boring sample and looped and bam their we go you have another cliche 2deep prodution!:D

  8. great job partner. my kinda shit. so grimey. one of the few real producers out there. funny how tristens talkin shit bout every producer on sv except 4 beatgeekz trynna say no one here is original n everyone bites. how da fukk is hip hop dead??? this shit right here is real hip hop, not hip pop. keep bringin da heat 2deep

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