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Better Than That

Mar 19 2010 | BPM: 95 | Producer: Adamack
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76 Feedback

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Smooth track with acoustic guitar, 808 drums for a more modern edge, and beautiful melodies throughout.

Genres: Pop, R&B

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76 Feedback to “Better Than That”

  1. Can anyone send me this beat please ? –>
    Thanx so much…

  2. I Made A Song With This For My GF, But I Want To Play For Her On Guitar!
    Anyone know the chords and strumming pattern?

  3. nice job !

  4. good morning .. adamack men as I can have this base??? and I really like is for my last issue of my model would greatly appreciate you pliz …. I hope your answer

  5. Can anyone send me this beat please ? –>
    Thanx so much…

  6. good!

  7. kinahmc can you send me tthis beat please

    this is my hotmail

    please send me

  8. I did a song when that beat was available :)

    @kinahmc, can you send me this beat please :)

  9. a good song done on this beat while it was still available:

    copy written

  11. copy written enjoy

  12. i love this bets

    our first song , it’s well put together .
    im the ender
    check it out if you have the time.

  14. i love it keep it up

  15. Really good beat by Adamack. This is the track i made with it let me know what you guys think.

    @bassik, sick!loove the track! i shud make a song with it too. i would appreciate if you can send me this beat..

  16. hi everybody…. how you thing for that???
    if you like, leave a coment. respect by Mario WDS

  17. hy… it’s just what i needed for the last 6 months…. I’m a hip-hop singer (girl) from Romanian! I was tired hearing same f*** beatz, i guess, cause i thought the break was 4 ever… Can we talk? Please… I love your beatz, and I want 2 know u, and 2 know if my work is as good as yours…. or just email:

  18. nice beat man it flows realy good

  19. Nicceeee

  20. written and produced by me and performed by NYX, … if any1 peeps it lemme kno wut u think she might enter it in the c0ntest…1Loveee

    @dafstylez, not too bad.. my only thought is that she didnt move around in a vocal range. she mostly stayed at the easy middle tone where she would speak. at the point after “im getting a bat” when she went for the higher note, if she would have hit it, and held it, she could have won me over. but because the note stopped too short, and seemed like it was just resampled, i lost confidence overall. not a bad song, but not something I would vote for the win. good luck if you do enter. hope to see you there :D

    @dafstylez, Hey Dude…SHez Gd u cn se…:P Nice 1…:)

  21. I purchased Da Liscense…bt from da checkout page it directly came 2da homepage watz da matter?? plz reply!!!!

  22. I like this song

  23. pe@ce and respect

  24. lil_jess: I like your song just that mixed voice is the only thing i dont like.. but great song anyway:)
    Adamack: LOVE THIS BEAT, I don’t know why i love it so much maby it’s because of the guitar… doesn’t matter I JUST LOVE THE BEAT


    Thats what I made of it
    Check it maybee comment it
    It’s called
    I would lie if I said

  26. Come on please send the separated tracks: they are paid for PLEASE HELP!!!!

  27. Love the track just purchased the separated trakcs but can’t download them can you please send them to me. Please! Also want to know the cost for purchasing

    @lawalker, lmao.. u already paid for it? then why u still wanna know the cost? haha

  28. Check oout what i did with this beat man ! The song is called im sorry !
    We all makes mistakes ma ! thats what makes us human !


  29. gr8 beat , i think im gunna buy it

  30. this beat is bland, im dozin off

    @kew c.r.e.,
    What the fuck is wrong with you?
    I think this beat is either the best or 2nd best I’e ever heard, I love it!
    Wrote my favorite one of my songs to this beat, I love it! it should be on my reverb page soonish.

  31. yes its life …

  32. Cooll i can feel the beat!

  33. i love this beat. imma download it :)

  34. I used this beat, ima master me and my homie’s vocals so I’ll give you the link to the finished product


    @highdef34, check out what i did with this beat and tell me what you think (:


  36. Im feeling it son, keep doing your thing
    much much respect on this and other beats homie. 1. MAYA

  37. Dis aight beat bruh… I see ya doin ya thang… Put mo feel into em tho…

  38. Beautiful…

  39. Please lets do a collabo.. I love all ur beats and I have songs to almost all of them .PLEASE!!


  41. ohhhh yeah

  42. So.. can I use this beat for a song, I want to make?

    @fruityy, Yeah dats the point
    It has to be a free Internet promo though

  43. still got this playin to..

  44. Good job man….The beat is soo good…Big hello from croatia ;)

  45. Wow, that’s cool. More beats that have some heart like this, PLEASE! Amazing. Artistic. Moving.

  46. perfect :x

  47. Thanks everyone for your support! I’m very appreciative to know that it can inspire you to write songs. Also thanks Slant…means a lot coming from a veteran producer!

  48. Tony da Tiger:”There Great!”
    This beat makes me rap bout life. That life is not forever! Haters come and go..but the time dat u have now is what matters never forget that..Im better than that!

  49. WOW how sweet is this.! I’m lovin this too Slant :)

  50. wow even slant liked it and i did to u shoulve posted it 5/5 man good job adamack

  51. i still got this playin

  52. Shit is nice. Simple with acoustic guitar and beat. real shit

  53. nice shit bro love this beat dawng doing lyrics to this beat

  54. This is prob det best beat i ever heard in here, and trust me i think i heard all most everyone haha. good job man !

  55. amazing!! the acoustic guitar reminds me the “Akon.- keep you much longer” track just loot more slow
    its amazing men keep doin this types of beats!!

  56. wooooow

  57. wooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  58. i just motherfuckin killed this , went to a party yesterday and did many wrong things :( check this out, subscribe or something like that

  59. adamack this second hardest beat u did… after whatever it takes…gots a track on it ever since

  60. yeah good stuff man.

  61. This Is By Far Your Best Beat Yet Man Keep Up The Hard Work

  62. Deep….good werk!

  63. already writing something to this 5/5

  64. I’m lovin this.

  65. Perfect..I’m speechless..10/5

  66. Perfect ! Im speechless .. 10/5

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