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Attention (With Hook)

Sep 07 2011 | BPM: 78.00 | Producer: Don Coda
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8 Feedback

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Slow club track with synths over bangin 808 drums. Hook by Envy.

Moods: Dark, Epic, Frantic

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8 Feedback to “Attention (With Hook)”

  1. very good. what’s the lyrics for the hook?

  2. Ayo this is gonna do more then set the roof on fire!///// this motha fucka’s gonna burn the whole rap empire!!// cuz im killin it worse then psyco path chareles manson/// wit every verse my lyric skills keep advancin/// im gettin betta and betta yeah bigga and bigga!!/// i be makin dat chedder in the six digit figures//// my wrist’s stay icy like you just dont know!!/// my shit be costin more then what you could ever afford!!/ so what ya savin to but yaself some lambo doors!!!/ i paid dat just to have some one wax my floors!!// and while your tellin me a porsche is one of your dreams!!!/ just know i got hoe’s wearin more expeincive things!!!/ they by my side wearin quarter mill bracelets!!/ they rockin shit dat cost’s more then cher’s facelift!!!!!/// so if you tryin to out do my son you need to just face it!!/// your so called game to me is nothin but basic!!!///

  3. lovin this beat so my friends deciced to make a video of me rapping a verse to it……check it out and leave sum feedback

  4. Hello Don. It’s a very nice beat but could you tell me the lyrics of the hook. Ty

  5. Sick of the autotune hooks on everyone’s beats lately. We get it everyone’s riding Tpain’s nuts alright cool. Now for the rest of who aren’t pop candy rappers can we get beats without the hook?

    @caspersuicide, just uploaded it fam

  6. wow du you want the beat from this link ? then write me an email on youtube :D its the best beat :D

  7. I like this beat most of all of your beats ! 5/5

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