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The Takeover

Sep 07 2011 | BPM: 80.00 | Producer: Don Coda
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16 Feedback

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Big sounding dark track with grinding synths and epic choirs over 808 drums. Live guitar by Cloak.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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16 Feedback to “The Takeover”



  3. Don Coda uuuuhhh sexy thing ! ! !

  4. this beat is sick as hell, but you need a more um…conservative tag…

  5. Sick beat, need to put up a few more (Without Hook)

  6. 85 % Amazing ! :)

  7. wow du you want the beat from this link ? then write me an email on youtube :D its the best beat :D

  8. Str8 Mossberg Music!!!

  9. slantize officially lost it… Juss what sv needs more sell outs

    @dreign, Bro :)… Listen to How I Live (With Hook) … that really is fucking dope!!

    I agree that slant going mad now a days but… come on bro!!>. This is the Music Biz.. he does what sells best.. u understand?

    @dreign, what makes Oscar a sell out? what makes Slantize a sell out? hes never changed his goal, his goal was to create an established company, and hes doing that. If people can’t appreciate other styles of music dont call yourself an artist, or even a fan of music. gtfo. Horrorcore isnt the only genre in music, get with reality.

    @Shadow, How did i know no talent having shadow would open his cum infested jaws as usual. stfu poser… what do you do that makes u so special nigga? your nothing more than a moderator, your going no where with your music son…
    shadowville has become a giant cesspool infested with talentless parasites such as yourself buddy

    @dreign, You’re really just embarrasing yourself here…

    @dreign, LOL funny how cum slurpers like you always bring up the fact that im a moderator, so what i am LOL i dont need to explain anything about myself to you, please do show me your fascinating musical talent hot shot, if not get the fuck out of here, whackbreed niggaz like you need to get a life buddy theres a whole other world outside of the internet. Talk tough else where, no one here is afraid of you son.

    @Shadow, ROFL WIN!

    @dreign, And what are you doing with your music that makes you so special you can down talk others? Really man, grow up..

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