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Red Light District

ON SALE: $200 | BPM: 112.00 | Producer: Slantize
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19 Feedback

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Techno style pop beat with funky bass and gated and arpeggio synths over steady dance drums.

Moods: Dark, Frantic
Genres: Club, Pop

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19 Feedback to “Red Light District”

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  2. Damn I wanna make a song for this!

  3. Hyper Beat Wow

  4. what is that man ? where is ur east coast underground fire ? hope u still have that seince

  5. Slantize you make me sick sick sick … This beat still really sick .. I wrote a great shit on it …. i’m takin’ it Slant. HI5 MASTER

  6. now this is why i still come around on this site

  7. I swear I heard this ALONG time ago on your SVP Soundclick Slant.. Did u remake this or something or are you in a bad slump lately with new beats? I mean this beat is dope man, but u can tell its old..

    @Strife Divine, just dumpin my old stuff…. no new beats for a while, no time really = no patience


    Slan, why you dnt replied to me ;/ ??

    @mateoking, Cuz i’m special :)

    @Slantize, I hear you man.. I know when u get some time to work on new beats your gonna come back with a vengance! Stay up man!

  8. BOMMM 5/5 … I’m writting a new song on this irresistilbe beat !!!!!!!!
    Slant. Oh Slant. you’re the best

  9. Im a female Pop singer and song write and I LOVE this beat! I is very seductive. I wrote a track called Red light district (like the beat name) about admiring the sexy ladies in the windows along the strip… recording it tonight…gonna be bomb! My new video coming soon to compete in the vid contest this november 13th! Keep up the beats for the pop chickies cause I can’t get enough of club and dance beats, like Britney, Kesha, Katy Perry… and more. Thanks again for working soo hard! Awesome beat!

  10. God damn awesome! sick beat Slant.

  11. i remember this beat, i love this beat. Glad its up, dirty beat!!!

  12. pretty good beat. catchy. 4/5

  13. Slan, please, GANGSTA BEATS !!! !!! XD

  14. Differnt, reminds me of your work from-06-07 an 08

    @dok holmes always, beats was very cool

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