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Moment Of Truth

Oct 08 2011 | BPM: 88.50 | Producer: 2Deep
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10 Feedback

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Soulful vocal sample with pianos and guitars over steady east coast drums.

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10 Feedback to “Moment Of Truth”

  1. I wrote a few verses to this beat like 2 years ago.. i wanna redo it but i cant re download the beat wondering if you could help me out!!?

  2. I just loved this one. The best beat I have heard in a very long time!

  3. i freakin loved this beat. wrote to it. it starts at like :56 after the skit check it

  4. Here is a track I did using your beat. I was feeling it. Track produced by Brian Wood. I wrote and recorded the verses, and my buddy Big Nate dropped the Intro and Outro. This is a solid beat, you got skills.

  5. I love it! been looking for something like this for a while now. glad i finally found it.

  6. dam you got dope beats loving this one dam i wish i new how you did the vocals i got a beat for personal use i would love to put vocals like that on but to stupid to know how lol

  7. seriously the best beat i’ve heard in a while now, well done brother fox. PEACE

  8. Stop playin bro, this is SICK! I love this sample, it hits me in tha chest, I FEEL THAT.
    This is what I was talkin about in the comment I left for “Where I’m Going”. Even tho this sample is sick as hell, it would lose it’s emotion if it was looped tha whole track. Instead, it hits then is put on hold for tha hook, then it’s back down, then hook, then back down. It juss keeps tha energy buildin n buildin. Next thang u know, it’s over n n u wanna hear it ova n ova. This track is Relentess. Listened to it bunch of times so far, love it. A++

  9. did u sample this from lil wayne tha mobb

    @pimpdog29, there is no doubt he did

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