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Pressure Points

Oct 20 2011 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: hala-X
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14 Feedback

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Dark strings, bells, and guitars over gritty underground drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad
Genres: Underground

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14 Feedback to “Pressure Points”

  1. Cool shit!! I can listen to it over and over again!!

  2. I love this so so much this is why you’re my favorite on shadowville. Great god damn job!

    @redcon, Got many more like this, diddnt think they would find an audience.

    @hala-X, Thats sum JMT ish rigght here, love that

  3. Perfect beat!!! Great Job!!

  4. Nice beat hala

  5. Bardzo fajny bit oldschool!!! Nagram pod niego za jakiś czas na nielegala :)

  6. Hala bit zajebisty ale stać cię na więcej ;) 4/5

    Zrób coś pokroju Flickering Lights, Warrior lub Crackdown 2 ;)

    Pzdr Polski królu podkładów xD

    @mateoking, Ale to już było…

    @hala-X, no było, ale napisałem coś tego pokroju, nie identyczne xD

  7. Can i make a request? Do you know how to make a fastpaced piano track? i think that you can match what I’m looking for, because youre really good at working with samples. theres a 75% chance id buy the track too, but if its outside of your style i understand

    I can’t promise anything, but I’ll look into that.

  8. I like it bro 4/5 stars.

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