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Oct 21 2011 | BPM: 93.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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Dark, chopped up string and vocal riff with pianos over steady hip hop drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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4 Feedback to “Paranoia”

  1. please watch my testimony, God is so faithful.

  2. 60 million song plays, numerous critically acclaimed mixtapes and albums, collaborations with the underground Hip Hop greats and a globally recognised production company: in young years 2Deep can already look back on a successful career in the music business. But where others are sitting back and enjoying the ride, the best is yet to come for Nick Piccolo aka 2Deep. 2Deep made his first steps into the Hip Hop arena as an emcee in 2004, where at 15 he embodied the rebellious teen, skipping class, causing trouble and stacking bills not always on the right side of the law in order to fund his fledgling rap career. Back then he would buy beats from Anno Domini, not realising that in a few short years time the two would partner to become one of the underground’s best known beat production team. After his first tentative mixtape and album releases and while pursuing schooling at a metal workshop, he decided to quit his job and left for the US to complete high school. Thrown into a new environment with no friends and nothing to do he turned to the art of beat-making. Captivated, he would work solidly from the moment he came back from school to the moment he fell asleep. In the process he built a growing friendship with Anno Domini, who, impressed with his rapidly progressing skills as a beat-maker, invited him to join the Anno Domini Beats crew. Having successfully completed his studies, and with a fresh outlook and career prospect in the beat business, 2Deep headed back to Germany where he now lives in Bitbug. As well as being a production partner and manager at Anno Domini Beats he is also affiliated with Shadowville Inc. and The Unbeatables production crew, formed by 2Deep and Allrounda. Fuelled by his own experiences as a struggling emcee, his ethos has always been to provide affordable professional quality level beats to independent artists. However, for the years to come several major projects with house-hold names in the Hip Hop industry are also planned. To dig out some well-worn phrases, it really has been a rollercoaster ride and 2Deep certainly never imagined to take his music dream this far. The future will hold many exciting new ventures and opportunities, and for the Anno Domini Beats crew the sky isn’t the limit, it’s the launching pad!

    respect bro u deserve the best

  3. i like this beat its pretty chill… but i think u should put more of the chorus into the regular versus like the symphony part so its more deep throughout the song but still clean crisp sounds i like it.. 4/5

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