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Hit The Lights

Oct 25 2011 | BPM: 85.00 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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11 Feedback

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Catchy, gangsta synths and pianos mixed with steady east coast drums and deep bass.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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11 Feedback to “Hit The Lights”


  2. WOW!!!

  3. This is fucken dope Todd! Allways love when you drop a beat man! I’m thinkin about workin on an EP to strictly your beats.. Should be pretty dope :)


  4. i want more of those beats! good job Beatg33kz

  5. i like the eerie touch to it with the piano. 3/5

  6. this is hot..

  7. come on man, dont just throw it together…… you just did a 1-2-1-2 with the same samples you used on your last beat. I know you can do better fam

    @acey1994, same samples?

    @Beatg33kz, yeah, the samples you used sound a lot like the ones you used in Time machine. granted, time machine was the best track on here in a while. But I stand by what I said


    there are 3 sounds (samples) that were in my previous beat uploaded to here (which dooes not imply that they were made in succession). One of the sounds is one of my own personal effects, and one of them is a piano, so I do formally apologize for using a piano in more than one beat.

    @Beatg33kz, There’s no need to be defensive, I’m just saying that I was worried that you were just gonna use the same samples over and over, because I’ve seen producers do that before. Time machine really bumps btw

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