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Frozen Tears

Nov 05 2011 | BPM: 86.00 | Producer: Ear 2 Tha Beat
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21 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Sad piano, deep bassline, and emotional strings over some crispy solid hip hop drums.

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21 Feedback to “Frozen Tears”

  1. male to female hormones over the counter

  2. this beat is lovn this shyt right here..touches my vocal abilities..

  3. @froolf Me toooo im going to record my own song ;] put it on YT later

  4. looove it. it brakes my heart!

  5. this beat touched my soul. i wrote a track on it. if u got time check it out & if u like it hit the like button and write a comment!

    peace yall

    @palm, dude :D ur track is awesome :D
    can u send me this song, i mean only instrumental like the above but the above is sadly unavailable anymore :/
    im “Amin Eit” on facebook :D
    PS: don’t use MSN or any other messenger, i don’t often open them :) [only FACEBOOK]
    and thanks :D

    @akrametal, of course dude thanks for the feedback! i’ll send it to you when i’m at home again! tomorrow)


  7. check it my song. PEACE

  8. Beautiful. Welcome to Shadowville!

  9. i cant belive this happen to me again good thing i have this pen cause other wise that
    bitch woulda probly seen her fuckin end write this message then i press to send
    shes a cheatin leechin creepin ho that i cant tolorate no mo so ima go n smoke this dro
    till i cant hear her shit no mo n then i know that i cant find the one need a lady that can
    save from the things that ive done its not always fun bein top gun i jus might run
    and hide inside my mind untill i find whats makin me hate sun n people n shit losin my
    focus in the midle of rhymes but thats because im high but im still so fly shoot a tiger in
    the eye and stab em till it dies then crawl the fuck inside and lick the inside dry lol whol shit

  10. Sensational.. gj.

  11. very nice my friend, very nice

  12. i love this beat! The piano is great and the strings too 5/5

  13. Piano is wicked, love tha strings too

  14. Yo nice track! I love the piano! This has got some serious flow! Definitely a 5/5!!

  15. nah…. 3/5…

    @mateoking, you are nah, thats what your gril friend sed after she met me!

    @loeklodewijck, Shutafucka ;/ this is mine opinion… you can like this but i dnt too mch ;/

    @mateoking, whhaah your opinion is nothing!

    @loeklodewijck, groupie?

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