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Nov 13 2011 | BPM: 91.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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30 Feedback

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Female vocal riff with deep strings, emotional pianos, and brass over steady east coast drums.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring, Sad

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30 Feedback to “Nanananana”

  1. please watch my testimony, God is so faithful.

  2. i am one of persian rapers ! he(hamed fard) is not good raper in iran!!!


    People can recognize a good or a bad singer.

  3. Iranian rappers sing for people of Homs in Syria
    “Battle For Homs” , Prouder: 2Deep
    Emad Ghavidel’s new song is “The Battle For Homs” (featuring Hamed Fard), the poem which is about murder of Syria people by Bashar al-Assad

  4. Nawet nawet : D

  5. like acey 1994 said master pice. also it reminds me of the movie rocky. just dope just dope.

  6. masterpiece

  7. Nice stuff 2deep i use most of your beats fo my raps

  8. Dope beat,
    check it out

  9. Amazing Beat! I’ve made such a great song… Courage and force ! Thanks :)

  10. ; ))

  11. cool

  12. This my video for the shadowville competition vote 4 me please FRG


  14. GOOD SHIT DEEP ;P 5/5

    @mateoking, something beutyfull…

    @mateoking, i mean beautiful ;p *

  15. Awesome beat!

  16. i fuckin love this beat

  17. U are a good producer, but too many of your beats here could be polished to perfection and try to make something different… are u trying to make some easy money here with ur beats?

    @maathoven, what wrong wiht ya ?

  18. How can i publish mu beats in this webpage??? can anyone help me??

  19. I liked it especially the chorus

  20. Ive slowly started to get bored of 2 Deep Beats :(.

    Hmm Deep, Make something crazy bro

  21. Downloaded. Dope. Twizzy & Shadow do have points about the ”nananana’’s being too frequent, but it doesn’t bother me that much.

  22. amazing beat but i do agree with shadow to much nanana but it is amazing

  23. the melody is tight, but the nanana is to frequent imo. I still thing its a tight beat though the chorus is hella nice.

  24. Pretty weak and unoriginal. Sounds like a song that would be in a gay movie.

    @raparooot, Of yours? Lol

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