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Victory (With Hook)

Nov 24 2011 | BPM: 84.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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33 Feedback

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Inspiring anthem type beat with brass, strings, and a bit of synths over hard hitting drums. Hook by Vocal Allstars.

Genres: Club, Pop, Urban

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33 Feedback to “Victory (With Hook)”

  1. Dis beat is da shit good work folks

  2. you guys make some of the best beats! clean and ill keep up the good work!

    man i lyk this beats…..

  3. I only every get beats form you guys you guys understand what i t means to do true music

  4. whats the lyrics of hook?

  5. What are the lyrics? it’s a sick beat one of the best i’ve ever heard.

  6. Wheres the lyrics for the hook ??
    this is one of the best beats i ever heard ..

    are you sure this isnt Dr.Dre ?

  7. what dj system did u use please tell me

    @jjssjjss, Don’t understand really… We don’t use dj system.
    If you ask bout “beatmaking” software than its FLstudio and ProTools + Soundforge for mastering

  8. This track is GREAT!! I’ve been a fan of your instrumentals for a while, even leased a few, till this day you have not disappointed me with your craft. keep up the great work.

    Your a true producer!

    @apr4life, Thank You.
    True producers (not procuer) though…lol There’s 4 of us

  9. yeh boyz, keep em comin..

  10. WOOOW FIYAH! one of the best beat on shadowville 5/5

  11. this hook was on a beat by VybeBeatz…the beat sounds similar to the Vybe version too

    @kidstunnerz, i kinda like this one more tho

    @kidstunnerz, Yeah prob. This isn’t one of our “exclusive” hooks so practically everyone can use it. Its from Vocal Allstarz

  12. Damn. Top notch shit.

  13. the hook, the beat and everything is really good, it’s just i feel the “OHH” part in the hook is off beat and its too soft of a “OHH” for a beat like this. should’ve made it sound like a large crowd saying “OHH” and made it a bit louder. thats just my opinion. great beat otherwise though, keep it up!

  14. Why are you all hating on the hook? That was the absolute best hook i ever heard for a beat. I could hear that on the radio, it’s dope as hell. I usually hate beats with hooks, but i downloaded this right away and started writing a rap for it. Atomic Beats the hook is kick ass, you have some serious talent and are the best beat producers I have ever witnessed. The only reason i come on Shadowville is to see if you guys put anything new up. Seriously that beat was the best one yet.

  15. OMG This is the best beat on the site !

  16. We had 12 props and everyone voted 5. Now with 13 props we are at 4.69 so someone clearley voted 1…lol

    Thats just stupid and we will start “investigating” more who are the people that do that

  17. Absolutely sick mate, killed it!

  18. ima be honest..i know shadoville producers dnt compet but ur the best producer here….u then “Nine Diamond”…..just sayin

    @basketsoca, yeah you’re right about that but you can’t forget slantzie, betwixt the 3 of you guys the beats on here are fail proof

    @basketsoca, Wow thank You very much! Its tough times so every support is welcome!
    Contact me i’ll send you free lease…

  19. This beat is amazing! But the hook sucks. sry.

  20. I purchased this beat without hook,But the one i get is with hook.please i need the one without hook(victory}

    @easterix98, we didn’t upload without hook version yet… So you couldn’t buy it without the hook…

    But if you purchased it i’ll send you without hook version no problem. Just contact me at

  21. the beat is sick but the chorus is wack, you cant even hear what its saying you should post just the instrumental

    @terrancehines71, Really? I thought that beat was dope as hell

    @terrancehines71, Really? I personally love the hook to be honest. But yeah we will upload just instrumental soon

    @Atomic Beats, yeah dont get me wrong the chorus could be hot but i cant understand what its saying so it makes me less intrested in the beat which is really well done!

    @Atomic Beats, yeah neggo that*s good beat but i don t undestand what them say. please post the lyriks for me. i want to sing in this beat. thank send me the lyriks in the chorus.

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