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Downs And Lows

Dec 02 2011 | BPM: 80.00 | Producer: hala-X
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15 Feedback

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Muffled and hypnotic piano, soulful vocal riffs, violin, and bells over slow underground drums.

Genres: Underground

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15 Feedback to “Downs And Lows”

  1. Propecia Liver Function

  2. Great beat!

  3. saglam olmus

  4. Smoking sexy beat

  5. Respect from Morocco bro !

  6. Hala no całkiem całkiem… Ale jednak brakuje mi tych agresywnych bitów :( 4/5
    P.S. I tak jesteś prze kozak, może zamieszasz jakmiś Angry i Epic stylem hmm ?

  7. Buah! very nice beat hala-x i work about him and later I send the song witch your beat, sorry for my english man, i am from spain xD

    One love!

  8. i liked We don’t play & midnight pt II so much man that was incredibale shit

  9. btw ur great in usin the viollin

  10. great hit bro we miss ur phat eastcoast beats man take care hommie

    @sirmahmoud, I should make a poll to see if I should really bring it back haha

    @hala-X, I walk 3.3 miles to my low paying job at mcdonalds listing to your music. i know it sounds crazy but i’ve walk in a downpour,snow,heavy wind all because your music put me in a zone of focus, life, and inspiration that i cant realy explain. i luv how you give the MC a lead in your beats by sampling/hooks EXAMPLE : what is your name. i was feelin this chic but i didnt know how to go about it and i remember when you drop that beat i was like yo thats crazy. so from a guy who has $17 in the bankand listing to your music from $19.99 mp3 player and downloading your music from the public libary i say thank you. ps whens superstylin pt 2 comming out lol

    @william21084, Man, that kind of feedback fuels my drive to make music like nothing else. And this comment might just get you that Superstylin pt. 2 ;) I never intended to make it, but now I think I will.

    @william21084, man thats beautiful

    @william21084, This message makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. For real.

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