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Dec 16 2011 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: Ear 2 Tha Beat
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8 Feedback

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Smooth piano, chopped voice riffs, and emotional strings over old school hip hop drums.

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8 Feedback to “Illusions”

  1. I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

  2. now i aint neva claimed perfection,
    had some misguided direction,
    these words are my confession,
    yeah this called my self reflection,
    seems like my souls infected,
    cuz when i try to be,
    everything i set out to be,
    i still fuck it up for me,
    mess ups, ive had plenty,
    been down to my last penny,
    3 times i started fresh,
    then end up back at a penny,
    aint lookin for no pity,
    im just gettin this off my chest,
    this helps relieve stress,
    to this mic i confess,
    hear me out, see me pray,
    got me livin day to day,
    lifes turned for the better,
    but could go the other way,
    like today or tomorrow,
    or even the next week,
    it dont matter where tha street,
    there aint no mercy for the weak,
    hints why im still here,
    yeah ill never give up,
    tell myself that every morning,
    cuz im blessed to get up,
    what tha fuck is goin on,
    why cant i keep my feet,
    movin forward on tha path,
    of livin more comfortably… D.W.I-DownWItIt ft K-Rino comin soon

  3. its like looking into a 3d painting

  4. yo, these haters wanna dis me/ but when im gone they’re all gonna miss me/ like hey he actually was ill/ hey GOD actually gave him skill/ but naw/ this shits to bitter that im iller than ya’ll/ ya’ll cant understand how im so raw/ so you talk smack/ oh bro your wack/ cuz ur wite not black/ check that/ im a quarter black/ like a star quarter back/ i always find a way to win/ and that’s why i get under your skin/ cuz no matter what Noxious gets it in….

    @zephgalafanakis, “cuz ur wite not black/check that/im a quarter black”…. must be the 3/4ths of the honkie with the pen then. awful.

  5. let me know what u think of my video. Shadowville got the best beat makers!

  6. Check Out my Channel!!! I’m Nice!!

  7. love the old skool. working the sound and love the voice in the back. This is a keeper.

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