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Now They're Gone (With Hook)

ON SALE: $200 | BPM: 83.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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22 Feedback

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Emotional beat with inspirational acoustic guitar, uplifting strings, deep piano and a bit of synths over acoustic drums. Hook by Marnie Brown.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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22 Feedback to “Now They're Gone (With Hook)”

  1. Hai ne mense the beets slaan burner

  2. can i take this beat along with voice?

    @viktor vix jovancic, Yeah, you can

  3. dope as hell man imma get a song to this beat

  4. i wanna buy this beat… any chance of getting rid of the hook ?thanks !

  5. Please check out my track I did with this beat. I enjoy a lot of your beats, especially the hook, you got a lot of smooth, chill beats, great job Atomic Beats! Who is the girl that sings the hook to this?, she’s solid. All credit is given, but I want to properly credit the singer too, since you don’t list her name. I just use these beats on here for my own self and enjoy writing to them.

    @scooterinnc84,Singer is Marnie Brown. Thx for giving us credits, and using our beat

  6. Mannn what the fuck is this? the hook killed it ALL! All your beats have the same Rhythm with the gituar in the back. This is lame.

  7. this is the result of what i meaned .i hope you don’t mind,is non profit

  8. man i want to notice you something,at one spot the rithm is breaking,you have there a black spot that ruines the song,i tryed to sing and from that smile spot im losing my rhytm…but the rest,is great work!

  9. im going to make a mixtape out of pleasure to my ears from your beats, i love your work man keep up the ambition.


  11. Shadowville check out my video my best work ever i’m proud HOPE U ENJOY!!! #1 FRG #3

  12. love everything bout it bro.. but are you gon post it w.out the chorus.. juss curious? thankks.

    @sacrunkk785, Thx. Yes as always we will upload version without hook

  13. I want it without the hook. bad ass beat can really feel an emotional vibe from it but how do I get my emotion across when there is your hook with a totally different meaning? You’re right I don’t. I want it without the hook.

  14. First & Second hook:
    All the chances you’re takin’
    Are to show you’re just as strong
    While all their hearts are breakin’
    You won’t admit you’re wrong
    You are your only concern
    Everyone you’ve strung along
    And when you finally learn
    You’ll see that now they’re gone

    You ruin everything you touch… everything
    And for what? When will you care that the
    Very people who love you are going to be the ones who leave?
    (chuckle) And when you finally open up your eyes and realize what you’ve done?
    You’ll see that now they’re gone

    Last hook (2x):
    And when you finally learn
    You’ll see that now they’re gone
    You’ll see that now they’re gone
    Gone, Gone, Gone

    @Atomic Beats, THAT HOOK IS JUST ILL



  16. plz post hook lyrics..!!

  17. wow a very powerful piece, very well constructed i will definitely share my opinions on the two open verses, u cn call me Wendezel the Great, great work brotha

    @pimpdog29, Thank You

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