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Eye Of The Storm

Jan 05 2012 | BPM: 93.00 | Producer: Allrounda
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6 Feedback

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Epic and inspirational orchestral strings and uplifting choirs over east coast drums.

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6 Feedback to “Eye Of The Storm”

  1. Please check out my song if you have a chance. I love writing to a lot of beats and recording for fun on here, and you are a great producer. I just love your sound and style. Keep doing what you do. All credit is given to you and it’s just for my own use. Thanks.

  2. this beat brings the beast of me..
    i catch brainstorms when the flames on and turn itup
    so keep ya shades on,cause my days gone better..keep my game on whatever..aim on for this beat…whooo!!!

  3. we need like this but Revolutionary music,, much stronger than this music ..

    pleassseee :”(

    pleassseee :”(

    pleassseee :”(

  4. Headed to the top and there aint shit that you can do
    Cuz I’ve been through so much - I’m still standin dude
    Bet you can’t fuckin mirror me back
    There aint a soul around who’s come close to seein that
    Just one of those things you gotta try to live with
    Comparable to havin a good night an catchin the hiv
    Fuck that I know how ta keep myself clean
    Used to let shit get to me now I’m chasin dreams
    Gotta slow down an read everything you see
    Chances are someones lieng, atleast they did to me
    Yea sure it mighta made me mad
    But now bitches are gone and my attitude aint sad
    My heart now beats for one thing and that’s me
    If you don’t like it fuck you this here is my dream
    You can’t tell me how to shape it, kno what I mean?

    First verse, would do more but my voice is leaving. Sick beat, out of all the dudes on here, I always connect and can write sick shit to yours. Going back to school so I can learn to do what you do(So I don’t have to pay a fortune for them) and blow up. (None of the stuff I make is for anything but my own personal growth as a lyricist.)

  5. Nice, but could be better ;p 4/5

  6. Sick beat bro!!!! CRAAAAZY!!! Give ya chillz typa vibe… Lord wills, im scorching this mug with flames homie!!!

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