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Deadly For Real (With Hook)

Feb 24 2012 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: hala-X
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32 Feedback

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Big battle orchestra with lots of brass and vocal cuts on the hook over a grimey underground drum beat.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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32 Feedback to “Deadly For Real (With Hook)”

  1. Thats what M drol and H drol are buy cialis online reviews


  3. I love the vinnie paz hooks


    Bought the beat and went el loco on it

  5. Best beat I’ve ever heard on Shadowville. It’s a shame I don’t have the cash to buy this. Such an incredible beat, I’ve been searching for an instrumental like this for years.

  6. man i wish i was in ya studio right now on this track

  7. please watch my testimony, God is so faithful.

  8. Hit me up on my email so i can send you what i did on this dope beat

  9. please, please someone tell me each of the artists hala-X samples for the chorus i cant make the voices. i recognize Paz but not the rest. maybe prodigy? someone let me know, thank youu. peacee

    nevermind i found that hala-X already shared the info!

  10. lyrics for the hook? :)

    @themadsc, Agree with ya

  11. cant expect nothing less than perfect from you anymore. deff my fav producer. peace.


  12. Can u upload on shadowville version witout Hook??

  13. This hook is amazing !! fuck the opinion !! in ,,buckin ‘em down ” is too good !! you should make a more beats with scretch !! PEACE YOU ARE GREAT

  14. beat was cool, hook was not so good.

  15. Whooooooooo, shit this beat is fucking perfect !!!

  16. Jak zwykle zajebiście.
    Hala, myślisz czasami o Hell Symphony Pt. IV ??

    @mateoking, i czy da radę ten bicik bez Hooka ? / Can you make it wihtout Hook ;p ?

  17. Dope - I knew it was ill bill on that the second i heard it, badass sample for sure

  18. Man this is raw and grimey a beat you can spit hard to!!! Man beats like this are hard to find now. Thank You Hala-X!!!!!

  19. @eminemfan…..ALL OVER THE PLACE wtf that’s hip hop it’s not suppose to sound ……computerize and quantize all the time as long as you keep that KICK & SNARE or CLAP on beat……then you can do what ever you want wit the melody. shadowville is to pop now….HALA X is all we got right now. but hey im 28 your prob 17 u dont get it. this is that CYPHER….type shyt…..Nas/common/guro/mos def/royce da 5′9/eminem.

    @william21084, Im on a mission to bring back that raw shit to Shadowville.

  20. its a decent beat but in my opinion it sounds kinda messy and all over the place but i dunno, maybe thats how it was supposed to sound? no hatin, just givin an opinion. i like the hook though.

    @eminemfan152, Yeah thats how its supposed to sound. Raw and grimey. Its refreshing to see criticism instead of plain hate. Props!

  21. Whu why 3.5 rating.. the sampling/mixing is straight one of a kind on this one..

  22. Str8 Fire!!!

  23. This is sooooo sick

  24. nice beat… check out this beat i sampled

  25. wats the sample saying and where is it from?

    @MurrmDizz, If you mean the vocal cuts, then those are cuts I made from acapellas of JMT ft. Ill Bill - “Heavy Metal Kingz” and DJ JS-1 ft. Chino XL, Sean Price and Killah Priest -” Murder”

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