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Back Again

Feb 26 2012 | BPM: 91.00 | Producer: Dansonn
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26 Feedback

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Silly and mysterious pianos, mute guitars, and brass hits and heavy drums with west coast vibe.

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26 Feedback to “Back Again”

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  4. WKZ!!!

  5. so nice

  6. i wrote a track called one viiolent day to this lol came out bomb as fuck

  7. as I can download this basis is a great work


  9. SHIT!! thats heavy

  10. Sick beat, was feelin this one out of the gate… here’s a track I recorded over it. Check it out..

  11. do you have this beat with a hook? It’s amazing I’m about to make a song to this, I already have both verses written I just need a strong hook, maybe a girl singing it.. let me know.

  12. wow wow wow let’s hit some job on it … HI5

  13. This beats hard man just that the progression sounds way too similar to one of Anno dominis beats. Brass and piano chords sound similar. Mute guitars are nice. organ on hook is dope.

  14. after a while on shadowville i could listen to really nice gangsta beat,u’ve been great till now,hope to be always, im waiting for next beats man

  15. BOOM bit of good sound instruments

  16. yo i seen the game a long time/west coast vibe/been a long side/dre to pac wouldnt trade the spot/fakes got caught/damn right/big got shot /for the lime light/what happen to the rap !

    @destin4life, right

  17. i bet this beat sells with in 1 month !

  18. Welcome to the show, bring that energy your beats can bring.

  19. OMG you are a legend man can u make r&b beat for all shadowville visitors please
    Thank You !


    fuck da R&B ;/ only gangsta and underground

    @mateoking, gimme somethin hard to work wit

    @traviswalter, i don’t understand ya ;/ and to embeat, wiith R&B go to Allrounda, leave danson ;p

  20. Holy SHIT ! DANSONN ON SHADOWVILLE ? ;D i only heard your beats on YT ;) Welcome :D and beat it’s very nice ;)

    @mateoking, Haha thanks man, appreciate it!

  21. hello I am pleased too Dansonn your door, I would like to use, and you hear it once the record I hope you do not have any problem, no more greetings. peace Jacktin

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