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Carry The Cross

Mar 03 2012 | BPM: 82.50 | Producer: 2Deep
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7 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Emotional female choirs with emotional string pads and dark pianos over deep, steady hip hop drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad

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7 Feedback to “Carry The Cross”

  1. They call me Dubb B or Whiteboy Entertainment, And I love alot of the beats 2 Deep has done. @ of them I have used for non promotional perposes. Carry the Cross def one of them. As well as Ghetto Nation. You can You tube Daniel Ruff and see what I have done with these two beats. Look for Carry the Cross and Ghetto Nation on You Tube under Daniel Ruff

  2. I know because i bought the second version of it from the producer. and It sure wasn’t 2deep, it was Anno Domini

    @roonthagoon, Is there any way I can still download this beat for non profit use, I’ve written a song to it just for fun this past week, and was gonna download it the other day, now when I try to download it is unavailable? How can I find a download link for it? On Anno Domini’s you tube video of this beat, he puts in the description box that is produced by 2 Deep, so I don’t think he stole it, he was giving credit to 2 Deep, so maybe they worked together. It’s a hot beat. Im gonna record it for fun.

  3. you stole this beat from soundclick and just slowed it down

    @roonthagoon, you are stupid AF. if u know anything about 2Deep, he is part of Anno Domini Beats on soundclick. This is definitely his beat, produced by him and uploaded to soundclick on Anno Domini’s page. And if you bought it, you really bought the beat off of him. So hop off his dick. Shout outs to 2Deep keep droppin these sick ass beats

    @k-da-beast, First of all get off my dick second off I ain’t write that shit my boy did using my log in. And I don’t give a shit about ano domini or 2 deep I wouldn’t buy beats from either of em wit those garbage ass beats. Aint worth the headache listening to em.

  4. i dont want the beat marks… “too deep” so ugly

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