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Hands Of Time

Apr 26 2012 | BPM: 89.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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10 Feedback

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Deep, relaxed piano with light female vocal riff over steady hip hop drums.

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10 Feedback to “Hands Of Time”

  1. please watch my testimony, God is so faithful.

  2. i’m gonna end up using this instrumental

  3. Check out my Song on my youtube.

  4. i like ur beats, maye u should try a lil bass gutiar between your melody and the rythem of ur percution just a thought

  5. I think this is an amazing beat. Gives me the 90’s vibe to it which I love. I wish it would have a bridge of some sort but none the less I dig it.

  6. Gezz…. 2Deep i dont get it… your beats are just boring - you sampling 2 sequences and repeat and repeat. You made so great beats like Encore, Samurai, Hittin Switches etc… why now you make easy ones ? Gezz….

    @mateoking, ur trippin dude lol

    @2Deep, I’m sorry 2Deep but, with all due respect to where you started and where you’re at now, even if your mixes are incredible and you definetely have an ear for melodies, I have to agree with mateoking. I know hip-hop started with a couple of bars sampled and looped with drums, but I think it’s obvious to everyone here you can make hella better beats. I know I’m no customer, nor a professionnal producer so it’s not really up to me to say this, but I think people are just afraid to see you fall in easiness now that your name is spreading and now that you’re really starting to get renowned. Again, absolutely no hate intended here. I have nothing but a lot of respect for every single producer in SV.

    @1789.110, Thanks bro! Im good with what I do though, and thats what it comes down to for me at the end of the day….

    @2Deep, Appreciate the answer. That’s all I wish for you :D

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