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My Song (With Hook)

May 22 2012 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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26 Feedback

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Live violin, Croatian ethnic instrument Tamburica and bass and guitars over nice acoustic drums. Hook by Dubbs,

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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26 Feedback to “My Song (With Hook)”

  1. Atomic, I’m stealing this to a song of mine if it’s okay ?

  2. I just bought the basic license of this beat which is the version that does not include the hook. Can i publish the recorded song using this beat and sell it on itunes? please respond this post as soon as you get a chance. I wanna make sure that i get your approval before going any further. Thank you!

  3. I bough a basic licence for this and it sais that i can sell up to 2000 copys.. does that allow me to put it on Itunes??? please get back to me, ive been trying to contact you for a while now sr. im with a record company and DO NOT want to have you come back at me saying that i have infringed on my right.. thank you

    @riddles, Yes you can put it on itunes

  4. just got this beat!! awesome!! whos the vocal artists name so i can give him full recognition for his part.. if you can get back to me at thank you very much

  5. Hands Down…Nice

  6. Nice Beat
    See my version:

  7. Amazing beat. Big up

  8. can i have the lyrics please…


  10. heres one of the first beats and lyrics i wrote with my homie;

  11. i got the skills to pay the bills

  12. Here is my rap version of this song

  13. i sing in romanian languege,i cut/paste little the hook and put the hook to go 3 times at the end,it sounds more singin on the mic from the headphones,the result is not how i imagined to be.check the ideea of the hook reapeating 3 times slower and slower


    @capisbak, lol thank You

    @Atomic Beats, i write my own stuff for fun after work to keep me busy and I make my own beats too but i was wondering how much to lease this? not for sale at all, just to add to my collection of tracks to look back on when im 80.

  15. Version without hoook is uploaded, just waiting for acceptance…


    It’s hard to get out of bed sometimes and face this world on my own
    If I’d of known it would have been this hard I wonder if I would have even ever travelled this road
    But I just moving, and I gotta keep moving along
    With the weight of the world on my shoulders you can still hear me singing my song

  16. version without hook pls :)

  17. Awesome, fresh approach on this one. Love it!

  18. the beat is great, I loved the violins… drums was cool too

  19. good song, good hook i like the idea of it, but i just dont feel like you nailed what you were trying to go for here

  20. This beat, no hook, please ;].

  21. Great beat :D Lyrics of hook please ?
    Peace from Spain :)

  22. Beat is amazing! Tho’ I’m from Serbia ( country near Croatia :D ) Tamburica is my good friend :D I LOVE THIS BEAT! Hook is good too. Upload without HOOK version, please… ;)

  23. lyrics of hook ?

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