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My Song

May 25 2012 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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Inspiring beat with live violin, Croatian ethnic instrument Tamburica, bass and guitars over nice acoustic drums.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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6 Feedback to “My Song”


  2. Man thats awesome what u chargein for exclusive feature and distro…?

  3. i got the skills to pay the bills

  4. Thx man, this is very good ;]

  5. I been wasting my life and don’t seem to care
    So much shit has gone wrong it just aint fair
    I sit down write these lyrics put my hand through my hair
    I’ve had enough they all say I’m full of despair
    What do you expect coming from another broken home
    You can all piss off I just wanna be left alone
    Don’t even try to call I’m not picking up the phone
    If I ever get the chance man I tell you I’m gone

    So this one hot tot man she stole my heart
    We were only in high school but it was love from the start
    She had the beauty of a goddess we could never be apart
    It was love one way now my arms are scarred
    I spent two awful years just dealing with the hurt
    Aint it funny how it works can’t put my hate into words
    That was two years wasted hope my fame takes all of yours
    Bitch we match now cuz I have scars and you got burned

    My battles with addiction come in to many forms
    I’ve done some awful things and I will always be torn
    When I think about the shit I wish I wasn’t born
    In the bush of roses I’m the nasty thorns
    You wanna see a monster just give me some alcohol
    I can’t even control it not a bit not at all
    I’ve lost so many friends because my actions appall
    Who woulda thunk it would be my own decisions to make me fall

    So much potential instead my career’s a nine to five
    I been doing everything I can just to stay alive
    I know it sounds like bitching but I know I deserve to die
    So I toke up a blunt and try to forget the lies
    It all went wrong this is not where I belong
    I’m way better than this I could take on king kong
    With a hand behind my back ya I used to be strong
    An in the beat of my life this is the sad sad song

  6. Good beat. Makes me sad.

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