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Numero Uno

Jul 16 2012 | BPM: 78.00 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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12 Feedback

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Triumphant horns, southern organs, and guitar over riding 808 drums.

Genres: Dirty South

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12 Feedback to “Numero Uno”

  1. damn ha. shits dope ! love the feel of this beat the horns are sick real uppity inspiring stuff. good stuff todd

  2. hello, I would buy this instrumental, Banket option, give you the details of the instrumental track by track or not ? please thanks.

    @sebfra, Hope he answered your question

    @sebfra, Hi, I think what you’re looking for is the track separation, right ? You mean separate wave files of kicks, snares, instruments, etc ? If that is what you mean, yes, you can have them. Choose the “Blanket Licence” ($39.99) option after clicking on “Buy License”, and then choose the “Trackouts” options (additional $34.99). That will cost you around $75.

  3. ive completed this track, i’ll send it your way

  4. Now THIS my man, THIS is the that fuckin ISH

  5. bangin..

  6. OH! Something new from you! AMAZING! 5/5

  7. ma x caso 6 italiano?

  8. beatgeekz you should do a second version of your beat “Eat Greedy”. shit go ham

    @caseyjones1994, yeah i need to do that, that’s one of my favorites

  9. This beat is way over the average SV listeners head. It’s made for the movies. I can see this track playing on the big screen as the cops are chasing a bad guy thru the city of new York with helicopters and shit. This is a dope track but probably a misunderstood track. It’s also not ready for lyrics because yall have so many instruments going at once that a lyricist couldn’t do his/her thing. Awesome track nonetheless.

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