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Back To The Rhyme

Sep 08 2012 | BPM: 85.00 | Producer: hala-X
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14 Feedback

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Strings, guitars, and deep brass over slow, east coast drums.

Moods: Dark

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14 Feedback to “Back To The Rhyme”

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  2. I know that beat but I have no fuckin idea when and where Ive heard it.
    Anyway, good job .
    Bless ya

  3. I just bought a blanket liscense for this track,, I made a crazy wicked killerbee original on it with a couple of my G’s.. you got the best beats on here by far man!! good job.. where can I find you to send you copys of these tracks ma,, they’re tight as hell.. much respect again man.. peace……..the Riddla

  4. beat is fire…me and my homies went in on it, check it out everybody

  5. ano rozjebal


  7. YO . WTF? Awesome. G SHIT.

  8. can i use this for non-profit?

  9. YOOO
    you should sample this
    i know youll make it dope as hell like the beat “For The First Time”

  10. the best of. props from poland!

  11. Bollywood sample

    @smokey mwa, NOPE! :)

  12. This is dope

    @ravenous, almost sounds as if its a western cowboy movie where the rappers are the cowboys

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